Did you get the free monster pre order bonus from Best Buy Canada?


So long story short I pre-ordered from my local Best Buy a couple weeks before the release of the game and didn’t get it.
I pre-ordered Solely for the purpose of getting the fourth monster for free along with the additional skin. I went in today to pick it up and as I was purchasing the game I asked if there was a pre order bonus as they usually give it to you with the game, as I had been given nothing. One of the two girls told me ‘no, there isn’t,’ flat out. So I opened the game as I left to see if it was inside. I read before hand from various sources that they would have the bonus as well. I mainly just to want to check and see if anyone here got it and if she knew wtf she was even talking about.

Hell if you do a search on google their website mentions coming with the 15$ bonus, but when you click on it the actual page doesn’t have it anywhere that I could find. Probably because it’s officially out so they removed the ad for pre-ordering. My luck.


You should get the monster with all preorders (when the monster is release of course), and if they’ve advertised it as such and you’re not getting it then they’d be guilty of false advertising
I would say its probably the store not knowing about the DLC, you could try contacting them again or sending an email to their customer service (or equivalent)


Hey Muffin, I’m sorry to read about your lack of a bonus issue. So let me just say this: Generally my experience with Best-Buy and pre-orders has been that they are emailed to you. That’s been the case for me each and every time I’ve chosen in store pick up for a new game release.

However if that hasn’t happened for you feel free to contact Best-Buy customer service as I’ve been given codes directly from them before. And if they don’t they are always willing to call a store for you and get it sorted out.


Would you recommend their in store customer service or simply calling them from your experience? And I don’t believe they have emailed it to me, as I’ve never had them received that way. Although I will check just to make sure.


I’d ask for a manger if you’re calling in directly to the store, or if you can go face to face and ask for a manager that work too. The flat out no by a customer service rep who knows nothing about games and or bonuses shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Someone either in store or via their customer service hotline should be able to help you and look up the information telling you definitively if there is or isn’t a bonus.

I hope this helps my friend.


I checked and I had no emails, I’ll definitely be talking with their customer service. And thanks, I appreciate all the help greatly.


My pleasure my friend, I hope it works out for you in the end. Let me know what ends up happening when you get it all figured out.


Bit of a late reply, but to give you an update on the situation I had called a couple different stores to see if there would be a difference and got pretty much the same response each time. The funny thing is one guy I was talking to said he would like look into it for me, nice gesture but there’s no way he would ever be able to get back to me on it though. So I don’t think I’ll be getting the bonus.