Did Wraith's Decoy get altered?


I was just in a game against {a} Wraith. During a stage 3 fight, he decoyed, then decoyed again while the first decoy was still out, then decoy’d a third time before the second decoy had elapsed.

Was there some kind of modification to the Decoy cooldown (I really don’t play monster at all) that I wasn’t aware of? Last time it was touched was to add a 2 second CD increase, I thought.

There was no “buff” showing on the monster, so is the CDR perk able to provide that much cooldown alteration?




Can you take out the name? It’s not allowed to shout out people’s usernames negatively.


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Wuts with the 10 chars remark ive seen everyone? Cant figure it out in context clues :frowning:


I still don’t know what 10 chars means. :persevere:


He was hacking my good sir, I’cve run into a kraken that Vortex spammed like crazy, with NO cool down in between.


Not sure if joke or not, but basically its due to most forums having a minimum content requirement of 10 characters for a valid post. So people type something like “ok” or “thanks” then type “/10” or “10 char” or what ever is needed to meet that minimum requirement to reply.

Also, the cooldown is both a common hack and a known bug. It happened to me once during a solo play, my abilities had like a .5 second cooldown for Goliath. So if it happens 1 round, I tend to give the monster the benefit of the doubt, but a second time around is like getting two prizes in a cereal box lol


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We say 10char because posts require a minimum of ten characters to post. So whenever you post something below that, people tend to add a quick

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Yeah this is really my first forum experience so i really didnt know. And i play monster lots, this never has happened to me.


Chars are actually forum currency. People often ask for them in tens.
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Yeah its only ever happened to me once, so I’m not sure if certain things can trigger it or if its genuinely random. Although we all know hackers can do just about anything so that in itself is its own problem D:


Well, glad you’re on the forums then.

I still have not seen a hacker in over 1k hours, but I usually play in customs.
But no, the Decoy has not been changed according to notes.