Did wraith get nerfed


i usually win 80 % of my games but all today I’ve been on a lose streak except for 2 wins. i ask because i know a ton of ppl claim wraith to be op when its not and just would like to know if dev added changes they didn’t announce.


Wraith hasn’t changed at all, you’re just facing off against experienced players now @blade5205 .


about damn time lol


Yea, someone here said earlier that in a few weeks the monsters would be asking for buffs/nerfs… I don’t doubt that.

I know I have had a lot more success the last few days as players have gotten better. Personally there’s plenty of tactics (first being to get on her early and often) to work em over.

The monsters can only level up so much… the teams on the other hand, are going to keep getting better, it should even out to a degree at some point.


I kicked your ass today blade :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure it was you.


lol are you on xbox one?


Yes i am, but i checked and it was not you. His name was blaze5808 or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:


lol naw im blade5205


Almost the same lol.