Did TRS mindtricked people with the Wraith 'nerf'?


Sure she’s slower, Supernova decreased by %50 BUT it feels like they’ve transfered that other %50 Supernova potential dmg to Warp Blast. Allow me to explain, I’m not quite sure how long it lasted pre-nerf but lets say as example Supernova lasted 10 seconds and now it’s 5 seconds. Warp Blast can do that potential Supernova dmg in a second while with Supernova you had to try and hit them all the time if you want the same damage outcome. 1 sec dmg vs 5 sec trying to get succesfull hits for same dmg? You choose. In my opinion they buffed the Wraith. Edit: This is coming from a Wraith player.


The Wraith is weaker than it was before. ^.^
Much easier to kill now, and much harder to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

She is now the least played monster according to MacMan’s charts I believe.


I always found wraith a little dull to play as even when she was “OP” :stuck_out_tongue:


Her main problem (According to most people) Was her ability to get away so nerfing her damage wasn’t even needed. Can get away from supernova and they nerfed that so for a wraith to stand a chance they put it into Warp blast.


I think they should just straight on change her appearance to make her not be so skinny, change the abilities, and move on with the NERF WRAITH!!! THE WORLD IS GOING TO END


I never thought she was OP, she was just annoying as fuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chasing her for 20 minutes, and her escaping domes? Yeah, no thanks.
But she’s fine now I suppose.


Really? I find the Wraith stronger now, a Supernovad Decoy isn’t everything.


Sometimes, I just stayed at the power relay. We won anyways, lol.


She’s much easier to kill now. You have to think about your engages, you didn’t before. That’s where she feels powerful to people who play against her. Skilled players are the one typically on her, causing her to seem OP in my opinion.

Decoy spam has been removed completely pretty much, the ability itself isn’t viable against skilled hunters. So she basically has to work with the other 3, and ones been gutted by 50% as well. ^.-


one has to be born a good wraith, you just can’t learn to be good at something, some ppl are born superior over others :grin:


Yeah, I’m not with you on that. I prefer not to think of people being born above others. Causes mayhem/anarchy. Our actions dictate where we stand.


hey i live in the realistic world some ppl are better than others, apperantly society has made it soo its not nice to rub it in ppl’s faces >.> if only we could sniff


Some people are above others, correct. But you said people are born above others, I disagree with that statement.

If someone murders 2 people, that individual is below everyone else in society.
If someone saves 2 people, that individual would be seen as higher in society.
Actions, not birthright.


welcome to america, apparently we live in a plutocracy where the rich never go to jail


Why do you think I’m a misanthropist?


Wraith, right now, fits my play style. Sure she is slower and can’t get away as easily now compare to Goliath. But she has always meant to be a high risk/ high reward monster.

Hitting a warp blast on three hunters hasn’t been more satisfying, then popping super nova to spread more damage.

When the “suppose” nerf to Wraith did come, my record was 12-3. So in my mind she was balance, though Tier 4 hurts Wraith a lot, its still able to kill them.


aha i still got a 13-0 XD


Awesome to hear. Glad someone still enjoys her. She might not be the most “competitive” pick, but still able to what she needs to do to win a match.


Exactly! With tier 4 you mean Torvald I assume.


It was a mix of Torvlad, Slim, Sunny at the time, but along those lines yes. Though when I play Wraiths, I’m always moving so Torvalds isn’t a problem anymore.

As Wraith I’m more scare of Hyde than a Torvald.