Did TRS forget about Wednesday?


Hello TRS, hello Community.

I’ve followed your steps over the last few months very closly and I wonder, did you forget about Wednesday13?
As far as I know, he’s the only guy that stayed with Evolve, streamed it mostly daily, gave away a huge amount of copies, bought from his own money, and shared his love for this game over the last year, since it launched and got nothing in return?

I don’t want to blame you, I guess it’s a huge amount of stress for you but, seriously, forgetting about one of your most loyal fans and not giving him a bit of appreciation? I don’t know anyone who did as much as he did and I can’t believe that there wasn’t anything for him. I know that he might complain now since he always says: “It’s ok they know what they’re doing” but you should have seen the reaction in his chat last week,
after your reveal stream went off and you didn’t even host him. He has a small community with loyal fans that support him and the overall reaction was a question:

“Why are they not hosting you? We’ve never seen these guys. You’re the pleb that streams here daily” and so on.

Long story short, I can’t understand why you, or 2K, invests money for streamers that have no clue about the game, while one guy is sharing this daily, for free, despite suffering from this Device Hung Error since Beta,
and might drift away from you now, because of that slap in the face.

While I’m here, thanks to the casters like Aseeds, StealthShampoo and SuperBadJuju and those guys who create YT videos like Grizzle, Deanimate, Pete and so on, I enjoy those aswell.

Thank you for reading, I hope noone will get in trouble

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Aw, love you too, even if you did… Play Kraken… When he was OP…


Well, I hope Wednesday doesn’t drift away from the game, since he’s a natural at it. It would be fairly egotistical of anyone to want to dump a game they love because they didn’t get the recognition of devs during a marketing period.

I mean, I am on board with your sentiment, I would love to see TRS host Wednesday a little more to help boost his profile since he has been one of the mainstay streamers for PC… however I also understand the marketing implications of what’s going on right now (and also understand that TRS and 2k didn’t know how much their efforts might pay off).

For all the disrespect you have for the gamers that have “no clue about the game”, they are respected streamers who have a following, and it’s that following that TRS are trying to tap in to. It should be of no offence at all to any of the smaller, more loyal, streamers when I say that as absolutely right as it would be for TRS to recognise them, their viewer numbers weren’t going to spread the word about this game and get people to pick it up in large enough number.

The streamers being invited to TRS, being hosted by TRS, it’s all part of the advertising for the game and people shouldn’t look at it as anything else. No-one is trying to say someone is a more valid streamer of Evolve or not, they’re just trying to do good business and get gamers exposed to this new version of the game.

But like I said, +1 to giving Wednesday some more host time via the evolvegame twitch :slight_smile:


Those guys aren’t even close to the only people that stream and support this game, honestly I find it offensive that you say that.


Well, EdeMonster got the host today, I did my stuff on my own today and had such a blast


Shocked after watching the end of the Evovle Game stream today. They took the time to thank the community and listed new streamers, upcoming streamers, youtubers and even partnered streamers they invited to promote but forgot about someone that for over a year played and took the time to give people that were interested knowledge on teh game and suggestions/ help if they ask for it.


#MakeWednesdayGreatAgain <3


Stream? What stream? :open_mouth:


follow the chat during this section


Just build a wall to keep all Mondays out.


I would expect that there was no malice involved here? I’m sure it was just an unfortunate oversight because there were many people to thank? These things unfortunately do happen when you have to give acknowledgements, you almost always forget a few important people.


I think you guys are on the right track, the number 1 way to get the devs on board is to insult them about this while making your demands. Keep it up!