Did Tier 4 come out all at once?


Did tier 4 come out all at once? or like tier 5 with different timings. I can’t remember lol


Nope all at once. I think Bob was revealed before the hunters though.


ok thats what I thought. I wonder if TRS will surprise us when a tier 6 all at once


You never know! Once TU09 drops I’m going straight to the leaderboards just to be sure if any new hunters/variations were added. Probably not but won’t hurt to check!


the reason the didn’t release all of t5 at once was because when they did it with t4 it was unbalanced


They won’t because doing a mass character drop is a terrible mistake and destroys balance. Saying it’s a nightmare is an understatement.


Well, if they do have plans to release new characters or variation soon, then they’ll be added into the TU. BUT they’ll be “locked” but just there in data.

But yes, they learned the hard way from T4 that things can get drastically unbalanced that way. It’s better to release a character and make sure they’re in a good place before introducing another into the mixing bowl.


T4 was the destroyer comp when they dropped. Torvald had an orbital barrage every few seconds. Sunny made it so if you wasted all 3 traversals right at the beginning, a trapper could boost across the map and land a stage one dome with less than half your armor up. Weather control was hunter instawin. and the dome thing applied double there. Slim was more of a nightmare than now, and Crow, well one could argue permastasis, but I was too busy getting melted by sunny’s "mini"nuke, and Torvald to notice. As much as I hate the suspense between character drops, I hate them less than the balance issue that come with a big drop like that. Plus old sunny made thumper comp viable. Parnell and sunny never let you take a breath without taking damage. You just ran with no time to eat, or evolve until you just died. It was kind of like a monster running simulator. The hunters were the monsters then.


I wouldn’t say it destroys balance, but it is def an unnecessary juggling act.

Compared to before we actually have a legitimate balance team that can exploit characters to a really high level before launching them. Even so, I think we’ll keep to releasing one character at a time for the near future though.



You could make it so that it took less time between character releases maybe, like a month~ instead of 3… or two months. Gives you plenty of time to get the opinions, find out what’s wrong, fix it, and have the next character shiny and ready.

B/c yeah, it’s a total nightmare releasing a tier all at once.


Let’s not forget using sunny’s jetpack boost on the trapper so they can leave the dome with the monster still inside.

T6 confirmed.


[quote=“Insane_521, post:9, topic:87011”]
Even so, I think we’ll keep to releasing one character at a time for the near future though.

[quote=“Insane_521, post:9, topic:87011”]
one character at a time for the near future though.

[quote=“Insane_521, post:9, topic:87011”]
for the near future though.

Further away future confirmed!!! Tier 6 and maybe 7 and 8 confirmed!!! Cheers to the distant future!!!


T4 was awful like that to play against when just released…An overpowered team of superheroes.