Did this Guy ever Finish this Project?


Bumped into this old article about someone building a replica Lazarus Glove as well as other Evolve weapons.

Did he ever finish? Are there any “prestige photos” of the finished replicas.





Never seen this before. Looks cool though! I want a harpoon gun!


I think trs had the glove over at one of the official evolve tournaments so that people could have pictures of them taken while wearing it.


I know the Lazarus Device is at TRS HQ.


I have seen a lifesize Harpoon Gun and Lazarus Device in the TRS streams long ago, before the game released.


Hopefully this means Lazarus is a favored son at the company! :stuck_out_tongue:


~looks at balance history~
Oh wait…


Even as an Emet main now… I still think I want to buy Laz… That’s how much I liked this character. :slight_smile:


Eh, I want to see the ProjectTriforce figures…but they haven’t made anything for Evolve in a year