Did they nerf Griffin?

Im pretty sure that this might be a bug, but as griffin every time i switch to the harpoon gun it takes some time to fire, please tell me that this is just a bug. This was on PC

It seems like it’s a bug

alright thank god, hey is this the third time i bumped into you :smile:

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No problem, I like to help :smile:

I do know that if you fire the harpoon and quickly swap to a different item then quickly swap back (basically trying to cancel the reload animation) it will show the harpoon reloaded and ready to fire but it technically isn’t reloaded and after a sec its fine again. So if that sounds like what you’re doing, then there’s you’re answer :slight_smile: ; if not, sorry :frowning: (also side note I’m on Xbox One)

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This- it may just be the last bit of the reload.

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Beat me to it.