Did they change the matchmaking?


For the past week I only get put into in progress games about 1 out of 10 times and almost always get my most preferred role (monster) , when before I got put into an in progress game about 1 out of every 3 games and and had to wait a game or two to get my preferred role. So, I was just wondering if they changed the matchmaking under our noses. I’m certainly not complaining, just curious.


complete different for me.
in the last week i get into inprogress games 9 out of 10 times



I think what they did is make matchmaking weigh your preferences significantly more when looking to fill slots on games in progress.

It can also be a result of many monster players switching to hunter to work on masteries while waiting for balance patches, since not all of them are Kraken players to deal with Sunny shield drone.


No but they should! Your so lucky I never get monster and I can’t play hunter with my friends since after the patch I get disconnected from the lobby all the time, if I’m luck I play a game and then it happens post lobby


I don’t think they changed matchmaking, there is just a bigger demand for monsters now the more and more people are grouping up so that they only play hunters. It sucks for solo players that hate being the monster like myself but if you love being the monster you are sorted.


I always get into in-progress games these days. Usually for the worse.

Also, I think there is a strain on match making on PC due to the small amount of players in off times.


Yeah, sadly. I tend to play when Rose is around now. O.o
Stops me from getting in pre-mades, or getting monster most of the time. ^.^