Did they buff hydes damage again

ive been playing against hydes for the last to days and hes destroyed my health more than usual like i literally live with half a health bar as wraith when i used to live with atleast 4 or more

Yeah… Same… been happening in Arena for like a week and a half O_o

Hyde’s flamethrower is stronger than Lighting gun.Not sure if its 2 times but its stronger.

But the strong part of Hyde is the grenades.Grenades deals TON of damage.I’m pretty sure Hyde is the best assaut against Wraith.(Actually hyde is my main assault anyway in any monster, but especially against Wraith.The grenade is too much for Wraith to handle)

Hydes weakness?Its the range.I’m pretty sure Hyde is wrecking faces in Arena because…Its arena and dome never goes down.

But in Hunt?Monster can simply run in domes until they are out and Hyde can’t do much about it.Minigun isn’t as good as Markov’s AR, Flamethrower range is not that good and Toxic grenades has a cooldown.

All i can say is stay away from the grenades.If you stay for like 3-4 seconds in there its like a mine hit you.


They haven’t changed anything on him since they removed the slow from the nades. :3

The reason you feel like you are taking more damage is because they removed the slow effect the grenade had on hunters. And now because it doesnt slow hunters players are spamming the grenade. So you are constantly inside the effects of the grenade.

Why they didnt nerf the grenade when they removed the slow effect is beyond me…

To be honest, even before the slow was removed I was putting it out a lot, no need to nerf it ;3

but it feels like the guns dor more like the flames and mini gun not the grenades but they still do alot

Maybe it just seems that way because of the added damage of the grenades and/or other hunters.

I think hyde is probably one of the best assaults right now. He does really consistent high damage.

@bobby He’s doing the most damage out of all of the Assaults in Arena according to Telemetry:

Drools at such a sight

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I thought that was just the damage average for arena?

Wait, it might be, let me check.

Edit: you’re right, I’ll add that into the photo I posted.

The tradeoff was increasing the reload time. The damage is good, before monsters would just YOLO it and absorb the damage. Keep the damage, increase reload by a little.

You know there’s something wrong when Hank deals more damage than Cabot. Or Amplified damage doesn’t count?

I don’t think the damage amp is included in this chart.


Didn’t MacMan say that damage amp got bundled into the damage that the assaults were dealing and not Cabot?

thats from april 22nd.

Hydes perfect the way he is he does great damage but has his drawbacks, any nerfs to him just cause of arena would ruin him and me cause hydes my boy


omg, he is totally fine now… a great assault, no nerfs are needed oO

you can avoid the granades, you can keep distance from hyde& his second gun is still weak (only decent against behemoth)


Damage perk on hyde makes a big difference on the grenade imo plus if he assault knows where you gonna jump and move itll feel like that mist is never ending, unless u keep running but then youll be absorbing alotta damage unless your kraken -_- even hyde struggles with him…