Did they add ranked/unranked so people can play monsters with friends, or no?


Did they add a ranked/unranked mode like the devs said they might look into a few months ago? Note, I’m not talking about a custom games mode where I can get five people together – I plan on playing this game with one good friend and it’s kind of lame half of the game experience is then unavailable to us because we want to be in a party.

Just wondering if this changed or not – this game is fun to play, I really enjoy it, but I can’t buy it if half of the game is just not available to me. Someone told me on Twitter that they have said that this is coming in the coming weeks but I wanted to be sure. Does anyone have a link?


Agreed its pretty disappointing not to be able to be the monster from time to time unless I play on my own, which I generally don’t like to play games alone I find it boring.

Don’t get me wrong I love playing as hunter more so than monster but its nice for a change up every now and then.


Yeah I mean, I enjoy being a hunter, but before I throw down the money I need to be able to play with a buddy. I’m not posting this to have another debate or anything – just want to know if they’ve said anything recently. One of the devs said ranked/unranked was a good idea during the beta but I haven’t kept up with any further announcements.