Did the recent patch favor hunters?

It seems that stage 3 monsters are getting there butt handed to ever since hunt 2.0
I thought stage 3 monsters was a way of saying to the hunters you screwed up now get
towered by a giant monster. Now stage 3 seem get rekt alot now xD especialy premades with the cheekiest set-up that make them seem unbeatable no matter what for brawler monsters.

Kraken still terrifying stage 3 do to being the only monster that can counter these set-ups.

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Nah, the hunters did not mess up if the monster get to stage 3, as it’s entirely up to the monster whenever he/she will engage or not. If the monster get to stage 3 without health damage, then the hunters have screwed up, though.

In fact, it’s the monster that have screwed up if they get to stage 3 without any strikes on the hunters and they should pay the price accordingly. It’s very important to take advantage of the fact the hunters are still following you when you are stage 2 so setting up ambushes is extremely important, especially against Hank and Caira/Slim.

^ While that’s true, Monsters should have at least a tough fight waiting for him when he reaches stage 3 without having engaged the Hunters yet for early strikes…
Currently it’s not a tough fight; the Monster’s just screwed in most cases, just like you said.

Kinda goes against the concept of Hunting, donnit?


To be fair the problem with having the Monsters being wrecking machines at Stage 3 is Flee to Stage 3 becomes the meta…(again)

If a Monster has a proportional amount of strikes to health lost then they should have the advantage. What I try to do is evolve close enough to the Hunters that they want to engage me rather than run and set up, especially if I know the relay is gonna suck for me to fight at.

If the hunters dont have any strikes on them when you reach stage 3 you messed up. The ability to choose your terrain gives a far greater advantage than staging up, especially after the patch.

Basically S1 had damage buffed a great deal but lost a lot of survivability (by about 1000 armor or so?), S2 is stronger or weaker than before depending on if all 4 of your abilities are worth taking and S3 is more defensive/less bursty than before the patch.

Whether that makes it favor Hunters or not is totally depending on what Monster you pick.

I agree it seems that the brawler monsters seem to get screwed no matter what against the hunters and the original concept is that at stage 2 its suppose to be a fair fight while stage 3 is suppose to be powerful and to punish the hunters not catching him while the monster is weak and damaging his health. To me now it seems stage 3 monsters are no longer a force to be reckoned with except for CTHULU!

I’d love to see the metrics on wins before and after hunt 2.0 by stage.

I feel there would be more Stage 1 and 2 wins now for monsters than there were before, but then again I am just a lowly Silver Expert player…so what do I know /Sarcasm.

Not realy even before stage 3 monsters get rekt by premades except Kraken.

I’m fairly confident that 3 points in an ability will allow a higher dps than before just at a less bursty rate

Krackens aftershock for example

Goliath though is realy weak now!

Id have to look at his numbers but the problem is charge is a weak ability if charge worked well then he would be in a good space maybe charge is in a good space and people don’t know how to use it but I doubt it he suffers the same problem wraith does he really only has three abilities but one of his is easy to dodge(rock) and the other doesn’t transition as well( flame)