Did the patch come out already? Sudden jetpack issues


Has the 1.3 patch come out yet for XBone? Because suddenly I am having a lot of issues with my jetpack, especially climbing walls/cliffs. It seems to happen a lot more frequently now that I will be half way up a cliff/wall and will stop climbing and fall all the way down and be unable to start climbing again until I let my jetpack rerecharge a bit. Had this been a consistent issue or is this new? It is new to me and I have been playing since day 1.


Patch has not yet hit Xbone, jetpacks have always been a bit quirky (HA)


I’ll bet this tends to happen when you’re climbing a particularly craggy rock face. I suggest angling your crosshair toward the edge of the surface you’re trying to scale, so the lip of the edge of your destination is camera center, and take a beat before you propel if you’re at 0 jet fuel. If the surface is really craggy, you might want to check if there’s a smoother route somewhere close. You’re going to lose more time trying to make an ascension work than if you just try to get around it. For me, I basically try to stay off the ground, feathering the jetpack from surface to surface, then waiting on a ledge and giving it a few seconds to refill if necessary – obviously not always practical, but jetpack fuel management is a bit of an art.


You could say they’ve always been a little-

:sunglasses: -

Quirkly. Hurhur.