Did The Forums Just Stop Working For Anyone Else?


I couldn’t use the forums for like the past half hour it was torture :cry:


That happened to me yesterday, I couldn’t load the webpage. :open_mouth:


I wondered why everyone was so quiet.


I thought it was my terrible mobile carrier dying on me as usual. Seems like that’s not the case.


So you were still on? Because I couldn’t refresh the page or anything it just wouldn’t work.


hm happened to me to


Yeah, it was quite for a good 20 minutes. I assumed something was wrong but it seemed like it was working.


Well that’s confusing


@MaddCow What did you do this time :wink:


Yes, this was us (the forum provider, Discourse) – details and timing in the messages at:


We apologize for the outage and we’re working on addressing it so this does not happen in the future. We’ve halted sales for the moment and we’re hiring a full time sysadmin.

Very sorry about it, totally our fault.


Appreciate the update! Thanks much!


Thanks for informing us :smiley: