Did the devs tease about a Kraken Adaptation?


I saw people saying that Kraken Adaptation will come along with Kala(which is actually a good idea since players wouldn’t get too focused on the new character)


This is only speculation at this point, but they did the same thing with MG and Tank Hank and Mad mags, so who knows…


Anybody have any ideas on what the new kraken will be able to do?


It will fly and have 4 abilities that do damage the hunters in different ways and be super annoying

cause if they don’t want to change the original design of Kraken too much, it has to be super annoying


Wondering if its going to be more DOT rather than burst damage?


I think it is just plausible. Since 5.0 we got an adaptation or 2 with every TU. And since Kala will be here before the anniversary, I think it will be playable there. I really doubt that they wont do anything special for the anniversary.


I can only imagine a Kraken with lightning gun-type effect attacks.

If you hit a target, it’d deal some damages to nearby target too.

Devs said that they realised that with monster adaptations, if they want, they could actually create something really different.
So who knows how far will they go with that second adaptation of a monster ?


Yes MGoliath was a rush job, they were just testing the waters with it. The Kraken will be something very different perhaps? Wonder if people will like it more… like to fight against I mean? With a ban system, which will be banned more?


Macman said that in the beginning, Aftershock (or lightning strike, not sure which one any more) would branch from one hunter to the other. This was removed from the final game, but the code wasn’t, meaning they can easily (I think) implement something like that again. So who knows…


i just love how everyone on here rages

“urgh, Kraken soooo OP remove him from the game”

Come adaption time all that energy turns to requests for when his variation is due… People just cant wait to make their OP threads :smirk:


Ikr lol. At this point, I just want to make people rage now. I’m not going to bother “taking it easy” and going something other than Kraken, when hunters that I’ve usually played with how used every trick in the book to take wins on me.


No information has yet been given on what the Kraken adaptation will be able to do, or how it will be different from the original Kraken. The last I heard was that the Kraken adaptation would be coming some time after the Kala (T5 Support) release. It’s unlikely (but not impossible) that it will be released with Kala, however, we may see him on the leaderboards.


It is likely to come out the week after Kala, as in the case with all adaptations in the past.

They’d probably focus on making the adaptation handle easier for more novice players, since Kraken is a very polarizing monster. From this they can’t tone down original Kraken, nerfing him in the mid-to-higher tiers.

Novice players can’t even maintain good flight and Kraken has so many mechanical potential that newer or players who are more used to playing Goliath or Bob have trouble adjusting to them and are ultimately overwhelmed by them.
Meanwhile players who’ve taken the time to stick with Kraken or are simply more experienced with how the game works will roll over the hunters destroying everything in their path.


I’m thinking something similar to meteor Goliath, all of krakens abilities will cause like a short circuit to hunters abilities and jetpack.

Basically adding a sec or two to hunter cooldowns and temporarily decreasing the power of hunter jetpack.(similar to when hunters are hit with gorgons spider web)


That’s highly subjective.


It’s also a joke :wink:


Ah. Sarcasm doesn’t travel well through the Internet. :stuck_out_tongue:


It does if you include Nic Cage!


Does this help my cause then?



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