Did the Developers ever try this?


This gonna sound crazy but I was wondering if TSR ever built a version of Evolve that allowed (for fun) to pick the two Monsters and make them fight!

eheh How cool would it be?

If it was possible they could do a game mode with a huge map where two monster had to compete for food and evolve to destroy/desactivate key points on the map, eventualy taking down a big portal to escape from the non-stop waves of hunters, would be kind be crazy but fun.

edit:Probably would suck for Goliath since Kraken gets airborne and you can’t reach him xD


This…actually sounds surprisingly fun. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this idea before.


It has been considered, but with current balance mechanics, monsters are not well designed to fight each other.

It may show up in the distant future, but for now, there are lots of technical limitations that prevent it.


I like the idea of 2 monsters racing to evolve and then do some goal to win other than fighting each other, which of course they can do along the way. That’s full of win.


Ya thats what I figured, it would be almost impossible to balance the monster abilities to be effective vs Hunters and vs Monsters at the same time …
The more doable method would require a new set of abilities specifically to fight other monsters! I’m sure it can be done I think it’s too late in the game development phase to implement this.

Oh well, I still got hopes for Evolve 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


What might be very interesting if they did your idea…maybe some generators (example) could be taken out at Stage 1, some at Stage 2, and a few being Stage 3 only. That way you have to destroy these things during each stage while hunting and competing for that food. Your paths would have to cross and you’d have about 6 generators littered around the map for each of you - so 12 in a two monster arena and 18 in a 3 monster arena. You’d need to destroy a set number during stage 1, stage 2, etc.


This idea has been mentioned in game modes or game mode ideas a lot. Good idea but Like before have said there would have to be some objective that would force confrontation. The new game mode with the egg would work well with it if the game mechanics could handle two monsters like that…