Did Sunny's mininuke always have a cupcake keyring?


I never noticed it before, was it always there?



10 char


Yep, it changes colour with the Elite Skin too. Don’t know about other skins though.


Damnit, I’m working on that Elite skin. Her 3rd stars are kind grindy. The Shield drone one isn’t guaranteed even with good positioning, so it takes more than 20 matches.


I just realized…I need to make Sunny cupcake keychains!


I’m not very good with Sunny so I tend to stay away from her. I’ve heard it takes a while to Elite her though.


Set up a custom with the poison gas map effect and just stand in the gas while the shield protects you if you get bored grinding it


Thank you sir, never thought of that - I might use that for the last couple when I finish the rest.


I used defend matches and stood between the minions and the generator so the minions will slap you, but the damage gets absorbed by the shield drones. But I think @CakeSlapping 's method is more effective, I never thought about doing that.


I’m gonna prolly end up doing both. I’m finishing Defend grinding for the other 2, and when I miss the target for shield boost I usually needed just barely a little more damage to get it (3000 is actually quite a bit higher than the global average, while jetpack booster’s 40 second requirement is right at the average). Last Hunter I need. After Slim’s Spore Cloud requirements this is not big deal, just grindy.


I used the wraith trap radioactive cloud trick and with a friend i could get the jetpack and shield within 5 minutes each map. i set the settings to low wildlife, favors hunters, and 5 minute matches. and of course the radioactive cloud on wraith trap.

it ended up only taking a couple hours


that one was easy. Just needed to take damage while damage


What was easy?


Sunny’s final star.