Did someone try the Steam Controller on Evolve?


Hey guys,

I tend to buy this gamepad/controller: http://store.steampowered.com/app/353370/?l=german for the PC cause I want to play with it Diablo 3 and Evolve and some other games. What you guys think about it?

Is it good for Evolve?


It was ok, would definitely take getting used to. I liked that I didn’t have to take my thumbs off the track pads, but overall I don’t think it’s worth it yet.

I’m going to wait for the second iteration.


Hmm okay, than I will wait as well :smiley: - I think the next one is better, not cracking and noisy like the current one…


I always thought the track pad would be really weird to aim with. How was that experience?


In some videos it looks really precise with training.


Aiming was mostly fine and pretty precise, but it took longer to turn around because of it.


Hmm alrighty. I think I will stick to the analog sticks.


The Steam Controller works great in first-person games if you spend time tuning it but particularly if you use the motion/gyro controls. That’s where the real magic is.

I threw a config together for Evolve with a friend (who’s a console gamer) to show him what it can do and even though there were still some kinks to iron out it was very fluid and accurate. Far more slick and accurate than a 360 controller but obviously not as much as mouse and keyboard. The extra rear grip buttons, the two stage analogue to digital triggers, the motion/gyro controls, the raft of customisation options (including modifier buttons) and, of course, the dual (clickable) trackpads make it an extremely versatile controller that shouldn’t be so easily dismissed.

I’ve scarcely used my 360 controller since I bought it. The biggest problem with the Steam Controller is its dependency on Big Picture, which can be so finicky and erratic at times with minimizing and ALT-tabbing out or trying to chat (using the keyboard or otherwise). The clicky buttons are odd at first but something I got used to and I’ve always liked the shape of the controller. Even the face buttons position/size felt surprisingly comfortable to me.

These videos show what the controller’s capable of though, very impressive if you ask me:

I might take another look at my config later on and see if I can improve it further. Will let you know if I upload it.