Did someone say how much it would cost for the Evolve IP?



Hey, been a while since I made a post but I had a query.

Don’t worry I’m not expecting anything to ever happen with the IP again but I recall a post where someone crunched some numbers and actually estimated what 2K would actually sell it for.

Reason I ask is a little crazy. A guy who I got to know a while back who was completely obsessed with the game like a lot of people on here wants more than anything else to actually obtain the Evolve IP.

He wasn’t sure what to do with his time but he decided peruse getting hold of the Evolve IP because more than anything else out there he actually wants to make Evolve exist again.

I have tried to persuade him that trying to buy the Evolve IP is complete bonkers and that it would be way more viable making a game similar to Evolve from scratch. He is still completely convinced that with a pitch he can make 2K hand the IP over.

Does anyone know where I can find that particular post so I can maybe just show him? I still don’t think he will change his mind but still want him to see it.


Didn’t 2K get it for like 20 million, so there is that + whatever they believe was net profit from the first game plus interest. My guess would be realistically 75 mil+ but thats a REALLY rough napkin math guess.


You can tell him that 2K paid at least 10.8 million dollars just to acquire the IP: https://www.polygon.com/2013/1/23/3908310/take-two-puts-in-offer-for-turtle-rocks-evolve-in-auction-of-thq

On top of that, this Kotaku article gives a sense on what the average budget would’ve been for the game, including marketing cost and such: https://kotaku.com/how-much-does-it-cost-to-make-a-big-video-game-1501413649.

In the end, it won’t matter much. The total budget would be far beyond one person could hope to amass all by himself. You are right in saying that it is better for him to build something alone. TRS has created the genre of 4v1, 2K at least doesn’t own that.


Plus marketing costs… Evolve had a lot of marketing


Sounds like chump change to me


If your friend is serious and already has or can manage the first few million (at least the cost 2K paid for Evolve’s IP), perhaps he can speak with a 2K rep and get a more serious offer from 2K, with which he can attempt to build the rest of the funds through crowd-funding.

However, another way might be to work with 2K to attempt to re-invigorate the brand, and offer his own funds as collateral…again would need a lot of up front capital and possibly crowd funding, but it might be a cheaper expense. I think, realistically, for 2K at least, the way to bring the game back would be in a brand new sequel, since the first game is far too tainted now in the public eye to attempt to bring it back, even Stage 2 to consoles might just be a lost cause at this point.

I wish 2K would give a serious look at Evolve…as I feel they pulled the run out from under TRS during Stage 2 instead of helping foster it. I know that might seem overly critical…to give Evolve a second chance just to snuff them out before their flame gets bright, but that’s the way I saw it. I don’t think they cared enough at that point, what the die-hard players had to say, nor the petition we had going to save it.

Personally, as much as I love Evolve, I don’t want 2K to have it even if they were to make a sequel…I think they would simply botch that too, and without TRS behind it, why bother. It’s like Left 4 Dead…I don’t dig the sequel but the first one is my jam. I’d support someone trying to buy the IP…but short of a lottery win or some really big-time funding, perhaps by another publisher acquiring it, I just don’t see that happening.


Pretty much what I said to him but he is still completely convinced its possible. I believe he think its obtainable through people investing in it and the only people that would be willing to do that are die hard evolve fans.


It’s something that would take a lot of time to spend for such a goal…A LOT!
My guess would be to ask many popular youtubers, streamers, etc…if they would accept to inform their community about a donation for the sake of getting Evolve’s IP. It doesn’t seem that convincing for the community (compared to the charity donations), but people might donate anyway because they can…but I think it’ll take an eternity to raise over 10 millions if it worked.

I’d love to see people group up with their friends, with other communities, with a whole list of people to achieve a gigantic goal such as this. Teamwork is the key to success, in every way possible.


And when I know that there’s people out there, who developed at least one game with their friends. The only cost is time, and in return they get their game for free and can enjoy sharing it to other people.
Those people have a great potential in themself. One does the music, one does the graphics, one (if wanted) decides the lore, one develops the gameplay, one share the game’s news, etc…or it can be everything in one.
But for people who are not friends but just workmates…it’s kind of the same thing except that they do it for a budget. And when you have hundreds of people developing a game, it costs a fortune to give them some budget every day.

Take a look at Undertale, it’s been developped by 1 person (without forgetting he got help for that) and it made such a success that it’s been sold with over 3 millions copies!


Honestly, do you -really- need the IP?

Think about it, buying the IP is just a lot of hassle and wasted money, all you’re getting is a faulty product for your money. (As the reputation is of the IP is completely ruined and as such no sane person would touch)

It would not only be less effort and leave you with a bigger budget for your project to not waste development time and money onto a damaged brand, it would also free you of expectations people have with established IPs as well as not put the “Evolve” stigma on your project to boot, at least not directly.

What people will say when they see a game that is clearly not-Evolve is another matter, but they’ll be interested and give it a chance if it looks different enough.


Unfortunately that is the case. For the vast majority of people the Evolve brand is something they no longer have any interest in. Buying the IP, then spending the money to make a new game wouldn’t result in any real success. It’s just not worth it.


I would say that the die hard evolve fans are the ones who signed the petition that Takran made, which is closing in on 10,000 people.

And 10,000 people paying 10 or even a 100 dollars, doesn’t even bring it close enough to enough money to buy the IP.

I wish him good luck in his effort. This forum place is already full of die hard evolve fans who just don’t see it happen anymore.


I made a few post stating i wanted to try and buy it. I just find it sad to see this game liek it is now and i really hate 2K for ignoring the game.


In my opinion, any estimate is meaningless unless it comes straight from the current owner of the IP.

Past expenses might be a factor, or not. They might consider the past is the past, and think about what they can get right now.

Their internal estimate of the value of the IP for their own future use might be low, or high, or undetermined.

The cost to sell the IP is literally whatever the owner says it is, be it $1 or $infinity. I know that’s really unsatisfying, but I think even trying to guess is pointless.


Out of curiosity lets say hypothetically someone were to get a small team together to make a game similar to Evolve but a bit more basic. This team results to crowd funding to get it off the ground. How much as a fan would you be willing to donate if you saw it as a project that would do well? I’m curious? I mean I know if I saw that happen and the video demonstrating the build looked excited and promising I would easily put 100 quid down on that badboy.


I have some ideas for a 4v1. Haven’t really took them through the wringer yet though.


Realistically probably $100. Being crowd-funded though, you never know, as some people can and will go into higher brackets depending on the perks.


I am curious, but probably know you cannot respond to this…but I wonder are TRS employees not permitted a buy-back option? I don’t really know how the publishing business works and contracts of course offer different things depending on said publisher…but honestly Evolve just would not be Evolve without the hands of TRS behind it.

Even if someone could buy the IP, it ought to be handed back over to TRS. TRS itself would probably not revive the original title but could springboard a sequel from that. But as it is now they can’t because they don’t own it. As a creator of things myself, this really gets under my skin. Which is why I ask about buy-back options. I don’t know if contracts with publishers even have such clauses.


I definitely am not involved in contract negotiations and I don’t speak for TRS in any event, so take this with a huge grain of salt! But I’ve never heard of such a thing happening – not that it couldn’t, but why would it? Would you ever want to buy something that you then have to give back, or sell at less than what it’s worth to you?


In some instances, yes, but maybe not for video game IPs, heh. For some art contracts I’ve had, I have had buy-back clauses.