Did Ps4 get lucky?


Just in case I’m missing any horrible truths, did us Ps4 players dodge the bullet on the reset bug among any other glitches? It seems to be pretty much flawless on my end. How about you other Ps4 guys?


flawless viktory. least for me. i heard some matchmaking issues and some DC bugs. but we def have the lowest of the bug count.


No issues reported on my end so far. Only thing I have encountered are possible exploits used by other players but can’t really tell if that’s the case. Only more reports and time can confirm those.

So in short, not to shabby for PS4 users.


I’m surprised hearing about all these bugs because I’ve had no issues on PS4


PS4 has considerably less frequent/serious/numerous issues than Xbox.


Most of the games that I have played had some major Xbone issues at launch. Luckily it seems PS4 has run pretty smooth on releases. Maybe our luck will run out one day. I hope not of course. :wink:


our luck was out. and we are a phoenix rising.

the big alpha was virtually unplayable. every other system eventually got it working except ps4. we also have had the least amount of test days, ironically ours seems to work the best .


Mine and my entire friends list of evolve players have been perfectly fine. PS4 seems to be the most stable and least buggy version.


The only problem I’ve had on PS4 was while playing my very first match as Wraith.
My game would randomly freeze up for just a second,or the framerate would slow way down for a short time while I was fighting the hunters.
It only ever happened in that one match though and everything else seems to be working fine for me.


Ye now you mention it that happened to me a few days a go, very strange.


We’ve been really pleased with how Evolve is running on PS4. Only a few issues here and there. Glad to hear you guys haven’t had any rage inducing bugs pop up. :smile:


Thanks for your work! Though don’t let this make you forget us :wink:


Where do we look for other players looking to party up???


Can you please fix the input lag on PS4? :frowning: It was horrible in the beta and its still not fixed. Playing as a hunter feels clunky because of that.