Did not recieve voodoo skin. Unsure why


I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining or anything, but I played all weekend through the event and made sure my 2k account was linked and played at least 10-20 ish online public games. I don’t want to sound ungrateful- these events are awesome and I love participating in them, but I’m just a bit concerned as to not getting the voodoo skin I was so excited for. I didn’t want to clutter the forums with another thread, but can someone please help me get the skin I should have recieved. I have access to all my other skins; elite, bog, magma, savage, default and gold skins, but the voodoo skin isn’t present. Please help, I played all weekend and made sure I was linked and online. Thank you.

Edited: I’m on Xbone and have a couple of replays from the 11th to prove I was playing. My internet is minimally functional, so please believe me when I say I played more than those couple games- I was really at it that Saturday and did put in a handful of games Friday night. I was signed in, but it’s very plausible that my internet connection somehow interefered with the systems recording of my playtime (despite being signed in and online) again I don’t mean to bother anyone, but I feel sorta hung out to dry and wanted to get the voodoo skin I was SO pumped about…

Here is my hunters quest replay log:


Try Un-Linking and Linking the 2K Account again. That happened to me once with another skin.


Will, tried once already to no avail…

Nothing, but thanks for your help.


Didn’t they say “by Thursday”?

Well…it’s only Wednesday. :slight_smile:

ETA: If not by tomorrow, then tag a staff member on here.


Ok, sounds like a good contingency, thank you. I was gonna tag mrstrategio, but figured I should wait to be sure. Will be busy next couple of days, so I wanted to put this out. Thanks for the help.


Ok well I still do not have the skin. @MrStrategio can you help me please. This bug is killing me :tired_face:


Damn, that sucks. I didn’t play Evolve at all during the event and still got the skin.


I’m not sure TRS has any control over that part. I would still submit a ticket to 2K support that way it’s on file.


I’m pretty sure I didn’t play at all during the challenge and was really bummed out that I wouldn’t get the skin.

Played today and found out I have the skin anyway.

Maybe they gave me your skin.


Probably best not to post that in this thread. Salt meet wound.


Ok, I’ll do up a ticket. And I’m not bothered, I just want to get this sorted out, but thank you.



I have put a ticket in and have been talking with one of the support folks. I seem to have had the same issue with the bucket challenge skin and now hope to not have this happen with the current wraith/Hyde challenge. Have been playing vigorously online and have been linked to 2k the whole time. I just hope to get the sweet skins at some point, but I know the devs have been busy as of late, so it’s no hurry. Also my hunters quest replay coverage has been a bit hit or miss as far as recording games.


Please let us know what 2K gets back to you with?


So far he has suggested a few things that haven’t worked and has asked for a few details and stuff, but he otherwise says they are talking with the devs and letting them know about this issue. For the most part I’ve been told to wait (although the support guy is very cooperative, thankfully) until the next update or whenever they can otherwise restore/grant these skins.


You could always PM the community manager, she granted me the Voodoo skin very quickly.
However I wasn’t experiencing the problems you were so I don’t know if that’ll affect anything.