Did not receive Predator skin for Crow


Topic. I have them for Maggie, Griffin, and Abe though.


Interesting, I have mine but I’m on pc, which platform are you on?


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All of my friends even have Crow’s. I’m the odd one out. :smile:


Well, I can’t help you there, sorry man, maybe a person who plays on XB can help you out. Did you send one of those bug ticket things to 2k, I heard they are really helpful and get your stuff fixed up nicely


I never had good support from 2K. I posted here seeing if I’m the only one with this problem.


A few of my friends don’t have it for any other Trapper but Griffin, while I have it for all the Trappers. It’s really weird.


Glad to see I’m not the only one.


I had the same issue and this is what I did to correct it. Hopefully this works for you. Go to games and apps. Highlight EVOLVE and hit your start ( or the button with squares ) then click manage game. Once you’re there you will see to the right of all the content you have for the game as single item’s. Scroll to the right til you get to the end. You’ll see items under the title “Ready to install” click that and will install. If you cannot do this stick with the forums for assistance.


There isn’t anything to install. I have a 2K account linked as well.


Sorry homie. Hope it get fixed for you soon. You could try to re-download the update since it all came together. Might work. Might not. Fingers crossed and try 2K forums for help as well.


It’s not the end of the world considering I’m about to Elite Crow :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got the exact same issue. Same platform and all. @MrStrategio may I bother you with this? It’s a tiny problem, but a problem nonetheless.


The start button you are referring to is called the MENU button, and it’s not the one with the squares… (That’s the VIEW button). The MENU button is the little button with 3 lines.

If you highlight a game while in the games and apps page and hit the MENU button you’ll see the option to MANAGE GAME. If you select MANAGE GAME you’ll be taken to a page where you can install or uninstall the game and all DLC for the game.

my predator skin was already installed. But I had to come here to get my free behemoth from the monster expansion pack.The predator skin was a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting it.

Can anybody enlighten me as to why we all got a new skin pack for free?


I don’t have my pred skin for any trapper but Maggie …honestly I could care less lol since I play monster but still sucks I guess since I have abe and crow elite :confused:


Thanks for clearing that up for me as far as which buttons are what. Made a mistake. Predator skin pack is the prize for having the hunters win with Griffin as the traper. I forgot the amount of wins was set by TRS. It’s community based for wins so that means PC, XB1 and PS4 wins counted as a whole.


Good news, I randomly had the predator skin for crow now, just today.