Did monster ai get a buff?


Yesterday everything was normal, today monster is murdering most groups I join (which is the exact opposite of what I want when I pick ai over a human monster) was there a patch or something I should be aware of?

As far as I can tell the groups I’m playing with are still good, the monster is just suddenly on the ball, going after just the right person etc


I think Monsters are better at focusing the Trapper when they need to escape a dome, but for the most part they still hard target the Medic unless they’re a decent range away. There might have been some minor AI tweaks (I noticed Hunters are better at placing traps at key chokepoints on Defend maps), but I don’t think it’s been majorly changed in any way.


As a Medic, I can safely say that the AI for Monsters is broken. If I’m fifty meters away from him, and he’s Stage one, in a dome, my Trapper is wounded at his feet, he’ll ignore everyone and beeline for me. It’s ridiculous. He’s just a Monster-sized Medic-homing-missile. -_-