Did I miss the Phantoms?


I remember there was talk about mode specific wildlife, and phantoms being brought up, is that one of the conditions in evac mode that the monster can gain? I just have been wondering and don’t know if I missed it somewhere with all this news coming out so fast, which is blowing my mind!

Evacuation Explained!

it still hasnt even been mentioned by devs as far as I can tell, but the leading theory is that its a map thing in Evac


Okay thats what I thought but I just wanted to make sure, its hard to believe we haven’t seen it all yet lol thats awesome though.


I personally don’t understand the obsession with an unrevealed wildlife… at least when wraith is just teasing us in the background :slight_smile:


Could be a map bonus.


Yah thats kinda what I was thinking too


Phantoms are a win/loss effect in Evacuation. They don’t show up in the maps by default.



Any other exclusive wildlife as win/loss bonuses?


oh see that dashing beauty might not be the 3rd monster then. cud be a phantom that the monster won in previous rounds


No, it’s 100% confirmed by devs it’s Wraith, the 3rd beasty.


I bet th phantoms either eat wildlife for a hunter advantage or they atack hunters for a monster advantage. Or they explode and nuke the entire map. Then no one wins. :smiley:


i must have missed that in the threads then


@SlaboMeat mentioned that the Phantoms are a map bonus associated with the Evacuation system.


yeah and that was the evacuation trailer. so that cud have been a phantom. but if the devs said that was the wraith then im wrong


Could you explain what phantoms are, is it literally a ghost lol? I’m confused


I think phantoms are nukes that of any player, monster or hunter, damages them. A nuke goes off and everyone’s game crashes. i mean everyone. Even if you aren’t playing Evolve. Even if you are playing without internet, your game will crash.


We aren’t sure what Phantoms are just yet. Today’s AMA might detail them though :slight_smile:


And what sort of beastie might they be oh mighty bearded one?