Did I miss something?



I’ll go find it >.> or you could just look in the “Let’s start this off with a tease, shall we?” thread


Here found it! Read from there and hopefully you’ll figure it out :wink:


It’s more like…

We all got dome.


It was said in this topic.

I’ll try to find the quote, but there are a lot of posts in that topic. :smile:

We don’t quite know the specifics on it yet so I wouldn’t be too worried. :slight_smile:


Nooo the thread is plague itself, I really dont wanna dig 1000 posts on my mobile T_T


Well basically GentlemenSquirrel made a tease with a gif and it had the trapper showing everyone had the dome I suppose and then the Trapper has a new Special Class Ability



Me wants that gif…

Oke I am gona dig


I can’t wait to try all these changes. Should be interesting to say the least. :smile:

Do you mind if I close this topic then, being so your question has been answered? :slight_smile:


Ya ya dome it down


Question has been answered. :slight_smile:


FYI I keep all updates that are “confirmed” in this thread for easy reading