Did I miss out completely?


Finally got an Alpha code a few weeks ago and was told through email that I would be able to play for a weekend. Well I was scheduled 12 hour shifts on that weekend and only got to play 2 rounds of Evolve. Now that I’m not as busy, how do I play again? Was it just that weekend? Did I get eliminated for not playing enough? Because I don’t see it in my Steam library anymore. But I still have the desktop icon that doesn’t load anything after clicking it.


Don’t believe there was Alpha this weekend.


That was prob. the first alpha, you need to get another big alpha code to get a chance of playing in the Big alpha.


The alpha only lasted one weekend. Now that it’s over you can’t play it anymore


Good news is there’s going to be another alpha! Go here for details: https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/the-big-closed-alpha/17003


But when that’s the question!


Maybe mid october, could be earlier but i don’t think so.


My gut tells me it will be on the original release date as sort of a symbol of good will :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t have to get another code to participate in the BIG alpha do I?


You sure do :slight_smile: