Did Elder kraken get released?


I am in the hospital right now, for the past 2 weeks and was just wondering if I missed the launch for it…


Not as far as I am aware.


Nope. No party over here as of late.


Hope you are doing ok.


I don’t think so. If he was released the forum would be crazy right now. :slightly_smiling:

Edit: I hope it’s nothing serious by the way.


thank you, I am actually having surgery for my sinuses tomorrow… i have been getting serious headaches, did a CT Scan and saw a huge infection in all of sinuses. They are going to clean everything out


I hope everything goes well!


thank you kind sentry gun! yea, I hope too


they seem pretty late with this adaptation seems like


They want to further test him right now for balance, but he will release when they are 100% happy with his performance.


I hope you get better


Elder kraken is hard to play as


I wouldnt say that. When Rogue Val was released, i didnt know for quite a few days because the forums werent acting up at all.


New monster adaptations tend to have more of an impact on the forum than hunter adaptations. That’s what I’ve noticed anyway. :smile:


Jedi, use ur Jedi mind powers to convince the devs to release kelder


‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’

That would be irresponsible of me. :slightly_smiling:


Then come to the dark side


It would be irresponsible NOT to do it.

Remember, with great Jedi power , comes great Jedi responsibility. Give the people what they want


He’s the hero the forum deserves, but not the one it nee—Wait, wrong franchise…