Did anyone save the Kelder drawing that SledgePainter made? THANKS BOT!


Aight people, cough it up!


@Shunty this is community content!!!


We’re looking for it, not creating nor curating it.


I want now!


Please don’t move topics to different sections without asking the OP ^^ 's a little rude.


Sorry for not asking before moving it @Torvald_Stavig.


Never the less we are working together as a community to look for it.
And it is about Evolve.


Why do I feel hate is brewing?


Hate isnt brewing we just need to find this picture!!!



I want to see it!



Ew coffee Get out :stuck_out_tongue: Jk


I don’t drink it I just thought that you brew coffee so…


Yea I get it :slight_smile:


Tagging @TheMountainThatRoars, cuz I don’t know anyone else that might have saved that. I wanted to take a photo with my camera but the penciling is too light and it doesn’t show up. This reminds me to try and get to inking it soon…


I had it before I did a factory reset on my phone. You posted it in the Say Something Random 2, thread about 3 weeks ago. It might be in that place I can’t reach called the trashcan or archives.


I looked in all 800 posts x_x


That efit though.

Like I said, it’s being stored somewhere we can’t reach.


This one? :open_mouth:


Yes, that one!