Did anyone get the Daily Reward Electro Griffin?

It’s unfortunate that you feel that not achieving a piece of free content, that you’ll be able to unlock in the future with further free key gifts coming, is enough to make you quit the game, but the choice is of course yours.

you are my savior thank you soo much i didn’t know seriously thanks.

I know TRS are going to talk over what they can do to make this more clear for people, thanks for your feedback!

Was on day 14 or so and now back to 1.

I’ve moved your post to this topic, please see the above thread… the daily sign in rewards are based on the month, so as we have just entered August everyones progress goes back to 1. Daily sign ins aren’t for consecutive log ins :slight_smile:

I really hope TRS realised that they upset a lot of people with this and that they need to make it clear in the future that the rewards reset IN THE ACTUAL GAME UI. Not everyone checks forums. I only singed up because I was confused about what happened with my daily rewards.

Right now there is no mention in game that it is only a monthly thing. Right up until before it reset the game still showed the next reward, and the upcoming major rewards that were weeks away. I did not join at launch or play everyday so I was only on day 11 or so. It will be confusing for new players that join halfway through or near the end of a month if they keep the current system. And many of them wont bother coming back once they have a bad experience.

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So the game went f2p on 7th July, and the punch card showed 25 days to receive the free Electro Griffin.

Being from a timezone much further ahead from the USA, i could only
download the game on the 8th of july and i might have missed the first
day actual date of release unless i woke up like a idiot at 4am just to
download the game. There is 31 days in july, so from 7th to the 31st of
July there is 24 days for my timezone. It was impossble to obtain E
Griffin all along. I held off buying him for over a week and logged in
everyday eagerly awaiting to get him. Im supposed to be at day 25 today
but when i woke up and he disappeared from the daily rewards.

So bloody pissed honestly.

Yep. TRS should just keep adding stuff on more day you logging in. On Day 25, day 32… Day 68… Day 189… and so on.
No those monthly punch cards plz. I just lost great amount of interest to keep logging in and playing this game :frowning:

Your interest in the game is largely held based on log-in rewards?

Not a small amount. It let me try new stuff. Which is main reason for me to keep playing. As much as i have own favorite monsters and hunters, playing same stuff over and over again is awfully boring.

Ok, well each week a new rotation of characters is made free as I’m sure you’re aware, did you know that from tomorrow trs are planning to let people trial (I assume for a small amount of keys) characters in a try before you buy style?

The July punch card thing is frustrating I agree, however both Parnell and a new trapper adaptation are up for grabs in August, and no funny business that means you might miss a day any more :slight_smile:

Lol I read the post. I simply explained the way it was misleading and that it is a frustrating situation. Since this was not clearly outlined in any way. Why show login rewards for x amount of days instead of saying it is a monthly login. It says it is a daily reward. No where did it say it was a monthly login with x reward for x amount of days. I for instance play GW2. They have a daily log in, and it is a 30 day daily log in. If you miss a day, you don’t reset, you simply continue in the 30 days log in, and it resets to 1 day once you have completed your 30 days. This log in, with the way they showed the rewards comes across exactly like that.


Agree, +1 :smiley:

It has been mentioned by Devs on the forums before, here is one I had bookmarked from the release of Stage 2

I know they’ve also mentioned this before on one of their Twitch streams.

Although, yes, I don’t think it was worded/explained correctly on the in-game UI and it’s something TRS should take a look at. Their UI team seems like they have the most work based on bug reports and forum feedback so I’m not sure how quick something like this could be adjusted.

Well, that’s messed up. Then again, since ingame UI is less detailed than a Commodore 64 game, I guess expecting a “daily rewards reset every month, next reset is xx\yy”. is too much. Can’t say I miss Griffin, keys are so hilariously easy to get, I could buy a couple of heroes and almost get their value over a couple of hours.
Also, I suppose how can we even question free stuff? And not just 100-500 keys, but thousands, plus characters. As much butthurt as there can be, for all intents and purposes, current login rewards are too awesome already.

Thanks for the thread.

Hi there. So i signed in today and i noticed that i start at day 1 again.

don’t want to read wholr topic. ok. its new month so new daily prizes

Thank you for your quick answer. It wasnt that clear to me as a new player but now it is.

Have the devs addressed this issue yet in the last 24 hours? The thing I noticed is that the moderators for this forum is amazing and really keep us to clear… I dont seem to be seeing any dev responses to this giant thread. I feel really bad that this post keeps getting nailed and the mods have to repeat the same thing over and over.

I am still upset and as this is a free game, the rewards shown were not achieved due to a mistake of clarification. Is it TRS fault? A minor portion but they did not expect this uproar I believe. Is this addressed for the next month? Yeah it is. Does it fix what happened? I do not believe so. A huge reward of 8000 keys, not just a character, got torn away from a lot of players and in this game and the time we are putting into this game, it means a lot.

People want to support this game and I would not go as far to say I want to quit because of this issue. However, I dont want to fall into a consistent loop or promises, achievements and expectations that are being built up and taken away from me. I hope to hear some sort of action taken towards this issue.

For me the part that griffin was basically exclusive to single timezone is killer.I even wake up early to start downloading like 3 or 4am.
I ve got 24 days because I could not get it faster with my internet,also server did not want to log me in for server issues that were properly fixed 2-3weeks after that.

Like I said,electro griffin is shit.but shit that i thought i m gonna get today. :^)
Then got very badly surprised with my day 1 reward instead.