Did any of you watch the Home Run Derby/All Star Game?



By far one of the best derbys I have ever watched. Hometown hero winning it? Just awesome.


Loved the new format but the camera guys sucked lol definitely the most entertaining home run derby I have seen.


Yeah seriously. Watching Rizzo at the start had me going “WTF is this craptacular camera angle?!” lol


I wanted Pujols to win he is my favorite player and such a classy person. Congrats to Frazier tho.

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As an Angels fan, I obviously have to agree with you. If he didn’t step out of the box so much (Totally understand why you would though) he would have probably had enough time to get a couple of more swings in to tie with Joc.

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Prince Fielder looked so dissapointed after his first round loss. I really wanted him to hit one into the river.

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Same. Dude can hit moonshots and a half…

…Mike Trout next year? :stuck_out_tongue:

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For sure. I have seen him hit some bombs. I really want to see stanton again as well as cespedes.


OMG I wanted to see Stanton… :sob:


So… how bout that All Star Game?



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Lol he hit for the cycle in leadoff hits for an all star game. He is the best player right now.

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And they were all opposite field hits!

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