Dialogue videos for hunters?


Id like to know if there are videos with all of each hunters dialogue, Torvald specifically, they sound badass and ive been looking for vids, but only finding dropship convos, anyone know if/where they are?


I’m sure there will, but is anyone else on board with a new hunter intro for new hunters?


Waddya mean new hunter intro?


Have you seen current hunter intro! You can replay it in video gallery, but I feel t4 needs a little cinematic intro


Oh you mean title screen intro?


Id be ok with gettin maggie outta there i like lookin at sunny better(even tho shes not a trapper)


Well kinda like, but the evacuation hunter intro more specifically


Suprisingly no i dont think ive seen that, ill have to look


It’s pretty cool, it’s called hunter introduction on last page


Damn ill look, on another dialouge tone, i want a duke nukem type, at least one fullon badass smartass for each class, to build the ultimate comedy machine


Some of the new dialog is nice. I can start trying to record some of them if you want. I probably wont get them all though, but I guess some would be better than none.


Sure if its not trouble, im just really surpised no one has


It depends. I got Fraps recently, and it likes to mess with my Steam Overlay. So if I can get some, I’ll try.

Got 2 dropship lines, I’ve got to upload them though.

Game apparently likes giving me no lines at all on the dropship. 3/5 games, they say nothing while dropping so far.


Yea kinda blows, u upload on youtube?


Yeah. This work for you?


I’ll play some more Torvald.

But that’s one of the Sunny matches.


Wow the plot really thickened with that conpversation


^.- <Vv…


Hell yea man good stuff, can you crop it down to just dialog parts?


I’m pretty new to videos, so I wouldn’t know how. I mostly got it to show some of the stuff in Evolve.