Diablo 3 Season 4


Anyone else partaking? I wouldn’t mind finding another couple hardcore seasonal players to speed up getting my wizard torment-ready; just got to 70 the other day (after losing my first seasons character to a game crash lol). Most of my clan members tend to stick to normal, and it seems like there’s not a lot of pub game traffic on the hardcore side, so I tend to spend a lot of time solo.

About the season/2.3.0 in general, I’m pretty excited about the potential that the cube has for new builds. A few of my favorite 'sader builds required one-handed flails, but being able to slot those powers in and pick up a two-hander seems damn strong. It also makes RoRG less necessary because you can just wear the set armor and then slot in the leg power from a complementary item that otherwise would’ve taken that slot.

The cube also makes leveling a new character just ever so slightly easier - having a permanent Thunderfury effect from level 1 is a ton of fun.


Anyone in Season 5?


I’ve got a barbarian and wizard in HC. Thinking of making a SC character just to do the “avarice” conquest though - a second conquest is all I need to get my next stash tab and I’ve not been able to manage any of the other ones so far.


Just finish The Thrill, it’s very easy to complete. I had my stash space in about 45 hours played in seasonal. That and Avarice are the easiest to obtain.


Been trying for that one, haven’t managed it. Keep going over the time limit. Already have Avaritia, which is why I’m thinking of going for Avarice.


I need to work on a third to obtain Guardian. I’m 810 seasonal paragon level with my crusader currently.


Really want to find people to play this with. Played it by myself all the way through once. Ultimate evil edition I believe. But couldn’t do it more than once by myself lol


Well, my battle tag for D3 is Shin#1539.
D3 is nothing like it used to be when it was released. It’s more about gearing and climbing, or obtaining achievements, leveling, etc.
I’m playing it for GR climbing and gearing for the most part; while also obtaining more achievements and obtaining the seasonal awards.


FINALLY got Super Human. Found an acient Gavel of Judgment with perfect rolls that gave me just the DPS boost I needed to beat the RG within the timer. I love my new stash tab.


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