Devs, You da reel MVP


To the devs in (and out of) the forums.

@MacMan, @SlabOMeat, @DamJess
You guys are the real MVP.

Good luck on these final days before release!

Thank you TRS for building this game

Totally agree man! The devs are da real MVP :heart_eyes:

Good luck guys and thanks for making such an awesome game :smile:


Definitely they put so much work into this… wow an evolve commercial just started playing.


Y’all the best,fuh realz.


Thank you thank you thank you! We couldn’t do this without you!


My favorite devs, no contest! From CS to L4D to… EVOLVE !!!

Here’s to putting in thousands of hours into Evolve


Amazing job you guys!



Devs, you deserve it.
Keep the good work, release is near :slight_smile:


It’s rare to see devs communicate so well and often with fans before launch. Highly appreciated. More clapping gifs please!


If you want…


Thank you good sir, thank you.


I refuse to clap if you don’t tag ALL of them


I Dont know all the devs names to tag


You’ve done your country proud


This wins!


@GentlemanSquirl @MrStrategio @Matthew @DanYouhon @Chloe @snowkissed @Gertz @r00k to name a few :slight_smile:

and THANK YOU for being amazing supporters of Evolve! A game is nothing without players <3

edit: well it’s not nothing, it’s just a lonely game that dreams of players


Only reason we all do this is so you guys have an awesome game to play. Just keep being awesome, and we’ll do our best not to let you down.


No truer words were spoken.


Thanks guys, it means a lot to us. We are passionate about giving you our best!