Devs. Why can't the monsters select more then one perk?


I am asking this more towards the devs but feel free to add in.

Now I’m fine with the monster only getting one perk at the beginning but a thought came to me. What if the Monster could pick a second and third perk as they evolved? At each stage up they could select another different perk, no copy perks like triple damage perk or the likes.

This is more of me being curious then anything else so if there was any insist out there feel free to post.


Because then I could have Damage Reduction, Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction all at Stage Three.

And that would be RIDICULOUS.


Mainly because I think the CDR perk mixed with Damage done perk combined with Damage reduction perk would be something no hunter team could conceivably face and live.

Edit: Roseninja’d, damn!


That would actually be pretty cool, given that the hunters get 4, why shouldnt we monsters get 3 :smile:
Itd still be OP af tho
Lvl 3 Rock throw with CDR, Damage increase, and with a defense increase to top it off?
I couldve sworn the hunters were here a second ago.
Oh well


Lol imagine health regen caira with capacity and reload speed.


What if, when evolving, you had the option to switch your perk out? Start the game with movement or feeding speed, then take damage resistance for stage 2, and then finish with damage increase or cooldown for the relay fight.


Health regen doesn’t work in combat, so I think you might want to pick something else, like jetpack reload or damage resistance. Scary, though!


Ninjaroses, man. Dangerous.

@CanadianBacon That removes a large element of strategy from perk choosing- as @MaddCow said, taking something like Feeding Speed makes it easy to stage up fast, but you forsake a combat perk. With that you could just abandon those limitations and take FS at Stage One and then DI at Stage Two. Not game-breaking, but kind of…eh.


traversal perk dmg reduction cooldown reduction and dmg buff

yeah well lets not do that ok


How about this. Stage 1 your Perk is 3 stars, Stage 2 perk it is 2 star and stage 3 perk it is 1 star


The flight or flight starter pack:

Feeding Speed, Traversal Reduction, Movement speed.


Though I liked his suggestion, you raise a good point – part of the interest as Monster is the commitments you make to your playstyle and having to think on your feet.


I actually think this would be pretty cool if the monsters were overall weaker in each stage but got to choose a perk to make up for it. It’d make a stage 1 monster properly weak, a stage 2 pretty rough, and a stage 3 a total beast.

Although if you just got extra perks with the monsters as they are now, with no other changes, that’d be crazy OP.

I’d be absolutely down with weaker all around but more perks!

(You could also balance it by having “tiered” perks, i.e. anything related to damage is in one tier, so you can’t get damage reduction and damage increase at the same time, no matter what. Alternatively, it could be a diminishing returns thing, where your first perk can have all 3 stars, second has 2, third has 1, etc. Or vice versa, to represent you getting more powerful.)


Oh, gods, no, please! :laughing:


Please no. No, no, no and no. No more changes to the power level of Monsters.


As the meta is evolving (no pun intended), I actually think that stage 1 monsters should get a slight buff. Some of them at least; probably not Kraken.


feeding speed. so you never catch me eating. movement speed. so you never catch me. then damage resistance so i can beat your ass in a fight . . . though that does seem inneffecient


What if Monsters could sacrifice the ability to eat elite wildlife (You wouldn’t even be able to directly deny perks.) for the ability to have 2 or more perks.


That would be unfair cause every monster would just choose damage Perk stage 3 greatly increase the win chance at stage 3 which is already around 75%


I don’t know if I’d want this change (the % of each buff would have to be lowered probably) but I think if they were to do it, you would have tiers, Damage Bonus, CDR, and Damage Reduction would be in tier 1 for example. Movement speed, Traversal stamina, and climb speed would be tier 2, etc.

You can only select one perk from each tier. That’s how I would implement this but I already dislike wildlife buffs, I don’t want their to be TOO much reliance on stat bonuses.