Devs, which systems will you guys be on at launch?


So, I’ve been wondering which systems each developer will be playing on, particularly those on PS4, when the game launches. @Macman is undecided so far, what about everyone else?


Have they mentioned whether or not cross platform players would be able to play with eachother?


I don’t believe it’s cross platform sadly


Pity :frowning: At least that makes it so patches can be pushed independently of a company. Payday 2 for instance has had bad patching progress with regards to consoles.


I’ll be playing on PC, no doubt. I’ve never been able to get used to FPS on a console controller.


Only PC! …


This, a thousand times this. I love the feel of controllers, but Holy Cow I can not stand FPS on consoles. Heck, I still remember back in the day when we would all play FPS with just a keyboard. I can’t fathom going back to such a design. I remember seeing a friend playing Quake with a mouse and keyboard and I was like wtf o.O. But he swore by it. I gave it a try and never looked back. Oh man… I’m old :frowning:


I’ll have PC for sure. Still haven’t decided on an XB1 or a PS4. Sony seems to be more legitimately supportive of indies at the moment…



Lmao, it fits how I feel


Now I want a sentient Tree in the game that if you fight near it, it will send it’s army of Squirrel type creatures after you.


For all the devs on PC, we should probably be friends: SteamID

You know, in case you need a teammate. :smile:


I’ll be on PC and then I dunno. Depends on which friends are playing on which console. Right now it seems PS4.


PC and maybe PS4 if its 60 FPS I don’t care if its less than 1080p… just PLS PLS be 60fps!
If not just the PC.


My Steam


Only the best for this gamer. That means PC! Best graphics, performance, and more.


Now I can stalk you Slab and see when you’re not playing Evolve and goofing off playing My little Bronies or Madden 8XXX. :smiley:


Hahah. I haven’t been on much lately, but you would have seen me playing through Far Cry 3 last week. Was sick all week and took advantage of the downtime to finally play it (after it sat in my Steam library for months.)


why are you devs all pc (so far) :frowning:


Because PC is the best platform to play Evolve (and other games) flies away