Devs - Torvald (Deserves better changes)

[Patch [2.06] Torvald

  • Mortar Cannon Capacity increased to 6 from 5
  • Autofire Shotgun Damage per pellet increased to 11 from 10

This does not increase consistency only his ammo & minor damage.

What Torvald suffers from:
[-] Autofire Shotgun - Auto-fire mechanism & forced reload (wastes ammo)
[-] Mortar Cannon - Auto-fire mechanism & forced reload (wastes ammo)
[-] Mortar Cannon - Fires directly upward (less uses in most caves)
[-] Mortar Cannon - Very slow Missile speed/times on Mortars
[-] Mortar Cannon - Lock Restrictions via (Minimal Range) if Monster is in your melee range you cannot fire

How to improve Torvald:
[+] Autofire Shotgun - Give alt fire like (Renegade Abe) (Right click for autofire)
[+] Mortar Cannon - Give alt fire like (Renegade Abe) (Right click for autofire)
[+] Mortar Cannon - Slightly increase speed/missile times on Mortars
[+] Mortar Cannon - Remove the absurd lock restriction via (Minimal range)

More ammo the higher chance of at least 1 Mortar is going to hit the Monster, Torvald will still struggle this patch.


torvald can melt lvl 0 player but anything above that know there are 10seconds to dodge the mortars kek.

1:Nerf mortal dmg to 75%
2:Make it land faster with lower angle

Good ideas!:beers:

There is only one thing they need to do to Torvald to fix him.

Why…why can’t you just dig out the old code and fix his mortars @Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl?
He hasn’t been fun / viable since the change to the flight path and gravity. Before that change you had already removed self-mortaring and close range - it was fine!

Adjusting little numbers on the shotty and mortars won’t ever bring him back in line with the other assaults. His mortars have a very loud audio warning, and now in S2 also a very visual warning. Combine this with the slow-mo flight of the mortars, and any monster that doesn’t want to get hit, won’t get hit.

Please, please, please…just bring back his old mortars, and balance his shotty and mortar damage from there.

Yeah it is like when someone has huge hole in his roof and it rains a lot so he buy bucket,then bigger bucket,extremely large bucket,gigantic bucket…pool…

instead of fixing the hole in the roof.

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you completely missed my point,there is no pool

I was kidding :smile_cat:

I feel like he’s pretty okay now. He’s got six mortars, becomes eight with Capacity (was seven when he had 40% capacity) and his autofire does a fair bit more damage now. I see nothing wrong with Torvald.

If your Assault and Medic/Support communicate, you can get the focused player to force a monster into mortars, and Trapper can add CC if necessary. Try it out, it’s very, very good if you add a Cabot.

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He’s not ok, by increasing mortars it only gives us a higher chance of at least 1 mortar hitting him, even with capacity so you get 8 eight now, so are we forcing perks now to become viable? The autofire mechanic is annoying & can easily be dodge by any Experienced Monster player as soon as the shotgun starts firing they can traversal/hide & you’ve just wasted a full clip. There’s still plenty wrong with Torvald here.

Communication is important yes, but if you think you can force a experienced Monster who already knows about Torvalds Mortars & predict where you’re about to fire, good luck they’re easily dodged even a trapped Monster can outrun Mortars.

First of all, you realize that you don’t have to burn a full clip, right?

Just quickly weapon swap. It takes literally a millisecond and I can cancel my shotgun/mortarfire and get right back on whatever weapon I want. And that aside, no monster dodges shotgun, come on.

If he’s dodging shotgun and dodging mortars, he’s not doing anything BUT dodging, and that means he’s never going to get a down.

He still doesn’t do enough damage, and it’s mainly down to mortars. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 8 when the flight time is insane. It’s magnitudes slower than a rock throw or a lightning strike, and a monster is faster than a hunter, you know.

I lol’d & rofflestomped, spot on tho

He definitely needs more damage potential. I do more damage by the end of the game with sunnys weapon than any of Torvalds. I enjoy using him but his damage is about as meh as an assault gets.

Also find mortar very useless. Even when playing monster I easily dodge every strike so it was just a waste of time on the hunters part.

He has to become more epic,and not like the other 5 copy paste assaults.He needs to be the burst assault.So faster but weaker missiles is a no for me cause then he will just become a vertical parnell.Who is so boring he might as well not exist


His grenade is now a sticky bomb

His shotgun is now an old school pump action shotgun with lots of recoil and damage.Seriously why does everyone have boring auto shotguns?

His mortars fire only 4 shells with larger aoe for more consistency and more damage,and more BOOM

If you hit the sticky bomb with the mortars it does huge burst damage and reveals weak spots for 10-15 secs

The current state of Torvald’s mortars is pretty bad which is why a lot of people don’t like him. Personally i find him awesome but only when your playing against A.I Behemoth (the world’s largest punching bag!!).
Possible solutions:

  1. Don’t change the speed of his mortars but really, really buff up their damage so they pretty much become like Hank’s orbital barrage, that should make playing him less frustrating.
    Just fire them on an area and tell your teammate to take cover in it or just spam it on a downed teammate so you can safely rescue him. Should make it way more fun to play with him, the monster has to play by your rules now or else Torvald’s gonna bring the pain!!!
  • Or speed up his mortars and reduce their damage. This should make it easier to accurately fire the mortar more accurately and make playing him less frustrating, makes Torvald contribute more to the fight. No longer shall you miss an entire salvo because it took a year for your mortars to land. (Honestly, if you somehow manage to predict and land an entire salvo on the monster atleast 25% of the time in Torvald’s current state you should look into a career of future prediction or whatever its called).
  • Switch that lame autoshotty into something else, it really sucks and makes Torvald blander than a plastic spoon.

Personally i prefer the 1st solution, it makes playing Torvald more interesting and unique but really all I want to do is teach that Kraken what a "Lightning strike"really is :smiley:.
Credit to dnc and OP

Easy fix would be to make mortars faster, remove minimal range and add minimal time to do damage. I.e. if you at point blank to monster and fire mortars right in his face, they will do no explosive damage / maybe just ‘physical hit’ damage that is very little.

If the removed the lock he would be as crazy powerful as he was on release. Its there so he cant simply shoot at his feet to deal massive damage that the monster cant dodge. He is a assault that requires more skill than average. They are makeing this more newbie friendly by makeing his shotgun more powerfull while keeping his mortar a skillshot. If the monster is in your melee range you shouldnt be firing mortars. as previous people have said you can save ammo by swaping weapons or moveing your target into the no fire zone.

How much does the autoshotgun do if you land them all? Seems around the same as landing 1 shot from Sunny which is kinda derp. I do like using it though for some reason.

Mortars are as close to useless as you can get without calling them completely useless. Has a min fire range so cant use them close, and take so long to land that monster is usually gone by the time they fall. Not really a big fan of his grenade mine either. Why in the hell do I play him anyway lol?

But the mortars aren’t a skillshot when they’re so slow that even with perfect prediction it’s a total crapshoot whether the monster will even be in the same side of the dome when they land.

They used to be a skillshot, but the monsters cried so hard that TRS nerfed the mortars to oblivion.