@devs: This weekend's data is tainted


This event has been fun, but I really hope the devs are aware that the general monster/hunter winrate and also the individual monsters’ and hunters’ winrates will be pretty thrown by the 10xp event for three reasons:

  1. Monster mains grinding out their Hunters, and Hunter mains grinding out their Monsters. A lot of the dedicated high-skill monster players are suddenly putting in a tonne of hours playing as average hunters, and vice-versa.
  2. People playing all of the hunters/monsters they’ve never played before for that 1-14 level jump. Most players have been buying new monsters/hunters and grinding them, or grinding old ones that they’ve neglected up until now. The result is a huge influx of players at the start of their learning curve, and a huge decrease in the players at the end of their learning curve with those monsters/hunters (since there’s no reason to play a character you’ve already gotten to lvl. 40).
  3. Around 1/5 of the games I’ve played have been monsters just standing still at spawn and letting us kill them so they can grind XP quickly. (Although I’d hope you’d have some way to filter out these matches from your data entirely.)

Hopefully the devs are already aware of this stuff, but the thought of them making balance changes based on this weekend’s data scared me so I thought I’d just mention that they should take it all with a grain of salt.

tldr; the players with the most experience in a role/character are grinding the roles/characters they’ve got the least experience in.


As much as I love having my Parnell and Emet elited, I will say that I saw a player with 14 hours already had Emet elited and sucked at it.

It does open up the possibility for people with little time to play to elite characters but it should not last a weekend. Just 1 day, and maybe a different day every 2 weeks.

I’m not complaining, but rather giving feedback to what I’d like to see next time and refining the idea.


They can differentiate by a lot of data, I’m 99.9% certain they don’t take in to account games that last less than a couple of minutes


Last time I was at Brandon’s desk looking at telemetry stuff (Thursday?) he had a minimum round time of 2 minutes.


Interesting. Hey, mind telling us what Renegabe’s winrate is looking like?


Well, I’d be surprised if any matches were ending in less than 2 minutes, what with the new drop ship timer system, and the damage reduction the hunters get for a short while after leaving the drop ship o.0


It’s more about monsters that idle at spawn to just lose.


Ah, ok. That makes sense!


Probably going to be another week before we find out, as the weekend results are extremely skewed due to pure grinding


Agreed… too many grinding and monster standing still just to level up… telemetry sure gone to crap now


one thing is sure rabe is not that gr8 vs standing monsters.
torvald is numero uno there[finally at something]