Devs, there is no reason that this should be possible, please fix it


I just played a match against a wraith who, for 14 minutes after the timer started counting down, just continuously sent in a decoy to pause the match indefinitely, we had no choice but to just sit and wait for 14 minutes by the relay. There needs to be some changes made so that this can’t happen, I don’t mean a wraith nerf, but maybe make it so the monster has to take damage from a hunter for the timer to pause, otherwise some people will just continuously abuse it to make it so the hunters either give up or just leave and make it an easy win against half a team with AI hunters. I do have video of the last 5-10 minutes of it, but the only reason for posting it would be to show proof of who it was on monster so people can just leave instead of having a 32 minute waiting match.
Also, this was a match I joined in progress so unless I wanted to take the auto loss from leaving I had to stay and play it out so even if I lost I wouldn’t get the loss because I joined the match in progress.


Hunter needing to take damage with less of a grace period between damage would probably solve this.

Edit: scratch that, only Hunter damage should cause a delay.


I don’t see the problem with this. At stage 3 hunters get both the clock and the ability to camp the relay. Stopping the clock is the only way for the monster to try to get the hunters out of their comfort zone. Now with Sunny and her capacity to stick a shield drone anywhere beyond the reach of the monster I would have no issue dragging the hunters out of their little fort.


Agreed. Me and @PeirsPryce were in a game for like 45 minutes due to a Wraith that kept sending in decoys. This was in the Beta though. Still, not that fun.

Remember that peirs? That satanic game?.. I still remember me popping the shield out of panic cause it can TWO SHOT ME!!


The clock is there to force a final fight, not to be eternally extended so that the Monster doesn’t have to attack.

Come on, the Monster has Stage 3 - its time to stop running.


same happened to us…


This post. Read it.


I hope I am lucky enough to face an opponent like this someday


While I don’t disagree, current hunter configurations and abilities makes stage 3 a disadvantage rather an advantage. I feel a conclusion should be forced, but it shouldn’t be an act of desperation to go stage 3: it should be your goal, not your curse.


No, not even close.

If you lose Stage 3 consistently without low health, you just aren’t fighting well.


I’ve always thought that a melee attack from a monster to a hunter should be what starts “combat,” for both the traversal cooldown increase and the 2 minutes extension.


I’ve only lost at stage 3 probably once, maybe twice; however, stage 3 fights have always been harder than stage 2 for me. Against a good, coordinated, and well-camped/prepared team at a relay you’re going to lose something. I view it that if you didn’t lose HP at the relay then the hunters were weak/uncoordinated and/or didn’t use the relay’s geometry as well as they should have.


why did the timer stop just because he sent a decoy? you don´t have to shoot it, you know.


Doesn’t matter if you lose some health, so long as you win.

That is why it is crucial for the Hunters to already have heavy health damage on the Monster before a Stage 3 final fight.


I think if it hits you it may stop the timer.


then… go out of the way?


Yeah I mean it’s not that hard to dodge. I have had this problem before with randoms that just stand there, and keep getting hit.


Its not the fact of losing health, its the reasoning why: its about the balance of power. You might have more physical power at stage 3, more capacity to do damage, but the actual shift in power moves in the hunter’s favor due to the combination of the clock and relay camp. The only time the power favors a stage 3 is when the hunters continue the chase, which is completely unnecessary.

A stage 3 has to sacrifice a lot for the sake of destroying the hunters before time runs out. You could try to kite I guess, but that clock will still tick down and any good team knows this. The monster is going to lose HP either because they now have to be recklessly and/or play right into the hunters hands as they just don’t have a choice. A full HP + Armor monster might fair well, but what happens if you had a rough dome at stage 1 or 2? Entering a well-prepared kill box isn’t going to do you any better.


That just isn’t true: the power of Stage 3 easily shifts the odds heavily in the Monster’s favor if they weren’t low health before the fight starts.

It really isn’t hard to win aggressively at Stage 3 with decent health - it just takes basic understanding of focusing and how to use your abilities.

And if you are at low health at Stage 3, its the Hunter’s just reward for how they played in, well, most of the game.