Devs should use my song for a tv spot!

#1 . I could edit the song to fit.


Shameless advertisement is gross. It’s also a good way to not get business partners.


If you see a gameplay with so much action and with that music on the background… Im don’t think it will work. I’d rather hear : Disturbed - Haunted


It’s 45 seconds, hardly enough for a trailer, it doesn’t fit Evolve’s atmosphere, and it sounds like you’ve just made one small piece of music, then copied and pasted it multiple times.
It sounds good, just not with this particular game.


Not a bad song, but yeah it doesn’t really fit the Evolve theme :(. I feel like people are overreacting a lot to your suggestion, which is kinda annoying. It’s a pretty harmless thing to suggest.

Had a listen to your other stuff and I really like this one and this one. Keep doing what you’re doing man :slight_smile:


Exactly, it’s a nice song and so are the other ones. It may not exactly fit the Evolve theme like you said BUT fan-made trailers are always welcome in our community and would love to see one made with this in mind! :smiley:


I could see this for a game like Wildstar or Red Dead Redemption. Not Evolve.


Thanks guys. I appreciate at all criticism. Music is art. Not everyone likes tunes. I was also thinking of maybe fitting this to a scene in the walking dead


I find nothing wrong with asking about this, though I feel a PM might have been better suited saying something like “here is a song I made and I’d be thrilled if you guys wanted to use it for something in Evolve”. Don’t feel like a whole topic was necessary, but nothing wrong with this. As Plaff said, carry on my good man


my bad. i didn’t know you could pm devs