Devs Please Read ! Future DLC wish list


First off I would like to thank you guys for making a amazing game nonetheless, very astounding. I would like to give you guys to consider something for future dlc as a community, as a poll question, and possibly the next awesome monster everyone would like to see.

Consider a ground shaking monster.

If the question is there, would it be possible for you guys to engineer a monster who can dig into the ground and leave a massive quake in its destruction.

Let’s assume you can what would it be with abilities is it balanced enough or is it just playable even.

First for abilities consider that it could dig for 5 to 15 seconds and run or attack form below. Cool down I’ll leave that up to you.

Spit that slows down hunters or wildlife as well as a gradually life degrading poison.

“Whirlwind smash” uses it’s long amassed body and roundhouse kicks something and whatever is hit is knocked back in recoil.

And “pincer strike” ( the names of the abilities is up to you) it doesn’t go underground but either plows through the hunters or grabs them and throws them into other hunters or elite wildlife or even carnivorous plants as well as map effects.

All this is up to you guys of course consider this and idea, a topic to talk about to consider in your next board, or even let the community decide if this would be a good idea.

Now is it even fair…

It can be engineered into be fair… Cabots rail gun ability can shoot through rock and almost about through anything the map was designed with. Other hunters ability can make this seem fair as well so it shouldn’t be one sided.
And the terrain of the map suits the environment that this monster would be running with.

All in all this is just and idea and if possible a future addition to the game.
Now I love playing as the monster and I love playing as the hunters alike but there more hunters than there is a variety of monsters. The games amazing don’t get me wrong and there still much to do but this is for future reference. Consider this a point of reference for the future to go with this game.
To note I hear that you are making a behemoth monster and I can’t wait for that in said resources- IGN 4 monster “Behemoth” (I’m sorry but I currently can’t post a link at this time) nonetheless I can wait for that. All the more to keep this game interesting. This is a game that has more unique elements that give it’s nominations and rep, congratulations again, and the more content that this game has gives it all the more worth for playing it. But all in all lets leaves this to the dev teams and I’ll continue to enjoy this game as this goes.

Please consider this and idea for something in the future however. Thank you again for making a game worth playing and again congratulations for making a spectacular game.


If anyone else agrees to make this come true then bump so everyone can see.


Behemoth is a ground shaker! Well, one of his abilities is.

They tried a burrowing monster before. It didn’t work out very well. Maybe they’ll pick it back up eventually, though.

Again, this looks a LOT like one of behemoth’s abilities, Lava Bomb ( I think that’s what they called it. )

Well you’ll be happy to know that most of your suggestions sound like him, then!