Devs, please fix the R9 GPUs crash?



Hello everyone,

Most of the people who own ATI R9 series GPUs literally cannot play the game. It crashes after 3 minutes of gameplay, completely shutting down the GPU… I could go on, but I don’t want to write blocks of text, use this post just as a reminder.

How is this NOT a top priority issue?


Hi, what is the error message you’re receiving?


I cant tell for sure, because the screen literally shuts off and only thing I can do is a restart.

However, I’m 99% sure (I’ve got a lucky peek of the message some days ago just before the screen went off) that the error message is the infamous DXGI_Device_Hung_Error: and AFAIK, there is no known fix as of now.

Am I correct?


That would be correct, as of now.


i use the r9 380 with crimson 16.7.3 and don’t have problems…
maybe you should say what r9 and what driver you are using


R9 280X, with the very same driver - 16.7.3

No PC part is faulty and this I can confirm. No overheating to any component, brand new PSU (G550M).

Running Windows 10 64bit.