Devs: Please Comment: What is the my2kaccount needed for?


I have heard that the my2k account will be needed to save progress. This is a joke right?


What’s the problem?

Just make an account

You’ve probably got several thousand already, jesus.


I had asked this before as well. I was wondering because I did not create an account during Beta.


“My2k provides the leaderboards, badges and the newsfeed. In release, there is also an in-game store where you can buy skins.”~MacMan


Also, if you were on an Xbox, you needed to sign in with My2K to have your progress carry over.


magnets how do they work


You’re kidding, right?


No. I apologize- someone should’ve made sure all Xbox players knew this prior to the beta, but it was necessary.


Hmm I really hope that is not true. I don’t want all my progress lost. No where in the game did it say I had to create an account to save my progress or have access to the leaderboards.


I did some digging on the forums. This is what i found. Xbox players need to have signed in to a my2k account to save their beta progress. A My2k account is NOT needed to save game progression normally. It is used for leaderboards,badges, and the newsfeed. So, you only thing that the my2k account does is allow you to keep your progress made during the beta if you were on xbox and signed in with said account


omfg i had two elite skins fuck EVERYTHING why did no one tell us this?


Tell you what?


“Also, if you were on an Xbox, you needed to sign in with My2K to have your progress carry over.”


Ouch. D:



Honestly there are already problems from not playing in the same PC.They said that we need 2k acc for leaderboards etc.When i switched PC i had lost all of my progress but leaderboards where “saved”.Of course i’m talking without a 2K account.So this just doesn’t make sense.

Bottom line give us Steam Cloud saves.Don’t force us to make 2K account


For clarity, progress does not carry over - only character unlocks. No skins or perks or levels carry over.


elaborate. MY skin wont carry over but my three star ability unlocks will? and if those are prereqs to unlock the skin why wouldent it auto unlock?


OH you mean the unlocking of ACTUAL characters like griff and hyde not their abilities


Meh. I suppose it doesn’t matter. All I had unlocked were Bucket, Laz, and Kraken.


Wait. Do I have to unlock all my Tier 2 hunters again on Xbox One because I didn’t sign up for this?