DEVS, need help with AI Goliath vs medic (again)


Devs, what do you guys think of this?? Have you actually played medic with an AI Goliath as enemy in hunt? Do you think that’s fair? I just really want to see some changes in that, the only way I can survive as medic is with caira, with reload speed 3 stars and with hank at my side, but with the others medics, nope, I get killed super fast and that makes very anti-fun and it’s not even a challenge, you can’t outrun him and he never misses an attack, it’s just not fair :confused:


The Goliath AI is quite good. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Hunter AI - though it’s likely very difficult to program good team cooperation into AI. And most Medics rely on their team to help an overly tunnel-visioned Monster, so that might just be unavoidable.


I’m sure they have. Is your trapper sleeping?