Devs: is there anything you would do differently?


The player population is pretty low. You still have one more character to make. What’s going to happen after you release the last character? We’ve seen some adaptations of previously released characters, will you continue to make adaptations? Are you going to work on an Evolve 2?


We know they are making Tier 1-3 adaptations. So there’s that. I believe they have some big things planned for 2016 as well. But those details are not known to the community at this time.


They already said they have zero intention of doing that any time soon if ever.

Also with how the game has gone in the media I doubt an Evolve 2 would go over well at all. I would most certainly buy it as soon as I could but I know a lot of people would just ignore it.


…Dude. I guess if we love Evolve then we’re just gonna have to get used to long wait times then. -_- that sucks.


Uh. No Evolve 2 as far as we know. Just let the devs focus on making this game greater. <3


I don’t have a problem with long wait times. I find games pretty quickly.


I wish them the best of luck on whatever they’re working at now and in the future, be that Evolve, Evolve 2 or any other unrelated game.

As far as doing things differently goes, I hope they picked up on the cricicism (not necessarily the stuff 2K was to blame for) and will, in future projects, not mistake a lack of communication for teasing.

In this game’s development and even now still, what is perceived as building up hype on TRS’ end is seen as nothing but radio silence and lack of interest / communication on the community’s end.
We want to know what is going to happen. We want to believe you haven’t given up on us.
Trying to “tease” us with nothing but the occasional “Something’s coming alright…” or “We have big plans…” every few weeks is seriously not the best way to approach the remaining small community of an already dying game.

Players want to know more.
Will this be balanced? Will that be fixed? I think it’s not a good sign that, taking this current time and patch as an example, there’s nothing but mild rumors going around about potential buffs or nerfs to Slim, Sunny, etc because all we got was a very hidden quote from a dev that vaguely suggested something will be done.

I believe they will be focusing on the adaptions, mostly.
And I hate to say it but I don’t think there’ll be any new maps soon, even though I still cringe when I see the most recent 2 (Broken Hill) being loaded.

Let’s hope for a still ongoing stream of bugfixing and balance updates as the community plays the game and takes note of stuff that needs changing. It’s all we can hope for.


The player population is practically the same it has always been. People just exaggerate how bad it really is. We have roughly the same, and increasing number of players buying the game. In the last 30 days alone we’ve seen a 25%+ increase in players.

TRS doesn’t really have too many plans as of now. They plan on releasing the 5th Support sometime I believe in February (I’m not confirming that, just speculation) and after that they have tiers two and three to go and make adaptations for. Who knows if after that they’ll go back and make more for vanilla ones, make DLC related ones available only for DLC owners, start a T6 (Highly Unlikely any time soon) or whatever else they decide to focus on.

Evolve 2 is more than likely a concept that will never happen due to how pointless it would be. People have memories and they will remember how it’s predecessor went and then stray far from it. Anything that could be made into a sequel can more efficiently be made into the current game.
If it were to happen though I wouldn’t hold my breath for at least five to ten years from now.

The future of the game after the plans we know currently is unknown. All we do know is as long as we love the game, support it and the Developers it will continue to grow as it has over the last two months. :slightly_smiling:


I too wish for more information. Also since they closed the balance thread I have a hard time finding new information that they have talked about. Its all scattered now.

They need to do something like Wizards of the Coast does I think. WotC sells Magic cards. For every new set that comes out they start leaking spoilers early and talking about the new cards and what they do and what they bring to the game. More and more spoilers until the day of release but a week or two before release we have seen everything there is to know and everybody can plan accordingly.

I would like them to be more open with whats going on in the background.


Well you see, would you rather know everything that comes out and have it not be a surprise or have it all ruined for you by having it told?

Imagine how differently Meteor Goliath’s release would’ve been if they informed us a couple weeks earlier that he was in development.


They don’t have to release everything to us all at once. That wasn’t what I was saying at all.

They could have given us a picture or something. People would see the picture and be all “WOAH that’s cool” and next week they might leak an ability and so on…

Just like with movies and trailers. People respond better to trailers and are more likely to see a movie if the trailer gives too much information. Its been proven. You can spoil the entire movie in the trailer and people will flock to it or you can leave everything out of the trailer and people will think its mysterious but ultimately forgettable and no one will come.


They make teasers all the time. They teased Meteor Goliath, they teased Gorgon, they teased all the adaptions, etc.

Personally, I’d rather be left in the dark. I do NOT want another marketing done like Gorgon’s was. I was in love with her but because of the way she was teased by the time she was released I was more or less “Meh” about it. I want to be excited about new content not be like “Well I guess I finally got the thing they’ve been dangling in front of my face so tantalizingly close for nearly over a month.”


I don’t like how they did Gorgon either but you cant deny the theory on trailers and teasers. As much as people say they hate it the results show.


Problem is it’s a completely different industry. You can show a lot of plot points of a movie in two minutes of a trailer but a game can be much more than that. You can do how they did Behemoth, where they showed off literally all abilities, his appearance, and more even before release and by then people know exactly what they’re buying. Sometimes that leads to more sales sometimes it leads to less.

I don’t think it’d work with a game. Movies are one thing games are another.

######(Looking back at everything I legitimately hate how they market Monsters)


Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you there, but I don’t think it’s necessarily as black and white.

There’s definitely middle ground between:

  • New character in a month? Here’s everything about him/her that you need to know!


  • You’re getting tired of OP characters? Hmm, we might address that next patch, but for all you know we haven’t even noticed your complaints so I guess you’ll find out in a month or two, right?

My general conclusion is that I just don’t like having to search for some mysterious quote from a developer to know whether or not they have even acknowledged that the chase comp or Kraken needs to be changed.


I get it, it’d be easier if they had one centralized thread about information on balance and teases that way everyone knows where to look.

I’m not saying I want to be left in the dark, but if given the choice of another Gorgon fiasco and knowing nothing I’m taking the nothing.

This would be nice.


Ehrm… idk about that.

I can easily confirm on my current platform (X1) Hunt 2.0 is very inactive, either due to matchmaking not working correctly or lack of players (or both) it’s pretty bad. I see a couple active streaming teams, and maybe some lower bronze teams I’m too high level to match with but that’s it. Quick Match is guaranteed games but they’re rarely fun seeing as how it’s mostly lower level players.

I for one know many community members in X1 who agree, and even know some who make new accounts solely to get Hunt 2.0 games because the matchmaking is that poor. I can’t speak for other platforms, but when more players are playing custom games because they can’t get games with the game’s primary matchmaking system there’s a pretty serious problem going on.

Those aren’t exaggerations, although I wish they were because then at least I could regularly find evenly matched games as a monster. This community is pretty small, and I’ve only seen it get smaller on this platform as time goes on :confused: (with the occasional activity spike when DLC lands).

I mean I doubt this game will ever die because (like L4D) it always hovers around a low population but the Xbox platform didn’t even have any teams signed up for one of the recent tournaments a couple weeks back…


It only took this long for someone else to realize my point on the “Soon™” issue I’m always having.

I need details not “Something is coming…” because I already know something is coming but I don’t know what.

Had I known a lot of their balance quirks for a lot of things way ahead of time before they finalized their choice on the matter I would have throw up enough red flags to cover a football field but nah it’s just “Oh y’all have complaints? Here’s what we’re doing. Feel free to put in your opinion on the matter because it doesn’t matter cuz this patch is set in stone.”

Too many times here something gets dangled in front of us. Meteor Goliath wouldn’t have been teased ahead of time but not like it matter because it didn’t even have a chance considering they had 4 days to make it then show it off.

We need details. Keeping things as a secret for so long then we all get that little joy upon so and so’s release then it goes back to “Meh” again is less preferable than actually slowly being told what the new who is and what they do.

Would put in that one song “I need to know…” but Tablet is a jerk.


That’s your problem right there. Also believe it’s the

Isn’t going to help either. Hunt 2.0 is more secondary. Quick Play is the primary mode.


All the work put into upgrading Hunt into Hunt 2.0, and the algorithm implementations and calling it secondary? Not sure but I can’t really argue against you because it certainly feels that way at this point considering it’s as dead as it is and the problem has just stagnated since it’s introduction to the community.

I miss the days when Hunt was Evolve’s primary focus and selling point.