Devs, if you have time: One question:


Is it a Railgun, Rail Gun, Railcannon, Rail Cannon, or something else? :3 I’m so confused. I like Railcannon but so many people use other words…



Yes, but in game I’ve seen it called the Railcannon.


And in the official wiki it’s a rail rifle. I just wanted to confuse you a bit more. :heartpulse:


…You know, sometimes I hate you people so much… :wink:


it’s called the Boom stick





my work here is done ^.^


I call it a railgun, that’s the basic concept of the rifle. You can name the rifle something else, but it is still a “rail-gun”, using a rail to push out a projectile with magic.


I love you right now for editing out that embarrassing title mistake…Yeesh.


Railgun is a type of gun and Rail Cannon is a weapon name.

So, both is correct.


Cant we just call it " that weapon everybody called op"?


Rail Cannon is its name, Railgun is the name of the class of weapons I suppose.
Look at the basic tutorial for him in game for Rail Cannon. ^.-


Or we could all just call it Misaka
(Thumbs up if you get the reference)



I get it, I’m gonna call it Misaka from now on :wink:


Easy solution here. Call it Rail.

Problem solved