Devs, I think you should really consider nerfing Plaff (a please nerf parody)


Okay, this has gone on long enough and I need to say something that I know that @michigan_ball, @The_CreatorX, & @Pharoah will back me up on this, but @Plaff needs to be nerfed while he’s on Kraken. He is by far the sneakiest monster player I’ve ever seen. You know those monsters that sneak and run until stage 3? Plaff is worse than facing those monsters. He will literally juke even the best hunters that I’ve ever played with. He will cast lightning strike across the map, providing even more confusion on your hunt for him. Well, what happens IF you dome him you ask? Well, he will fly around if at stage 1 and hit you with his 3 point lightning strike. Be warned, he is very accurate with them and will wait to cast it until he either has a particular target he wants dead or he sees 2 or more people cluster up. Really this is your only good chance of killing him, but it still seems balanced in his favor and if you fail to kill him now, oh you are in for a world of hurt.

So, we know he’s bad to fight at even stage 1, what about stage 2? Well at this point you can no longer split up while tracking him. You WILL die. He will find you, and he will f*** you up with his 1 2 punch of lightning strike and aftershock, both level 3. So you now have to stick together or he will easily pick you apart. Even if you stay together, it will be a tough fight, and no matter what, you CAN NOT allow a strike. If he gets a strike, you have absolutely no way to survive his one two punch and he will destroy your team by eliminating your weakest link, at which point everyone else will fall like a house of cards.

So, your team gets a strike or two, and he’s lost a decent amount of health at stage 2, what now? Simple, you wait at the relay. If you continue to pursue him, he will constantly ambush you and whittle you down while you are not likely to ever break his armor again. You need to get set up for your fight at stage 3. He will likely wait on going to stage 3 a bit and try and pick you off at range, but if you can keep him at bay, you SHOULDN’T get any strikes.

So, he decides to go stage 3, what now? Well, you’re f***ed. He is at his absolute strongest right now and if you have any strikes, there is nothing you can really do. “But you said to wait at the relay!”. I know I did, but even though you are as good as dead, this is going to be your most dignified way of going out. If you try chasing him at stage 2 with strikes, he will slowly whittle you down until he can just brush you aside with a sweep of his long claws. This way you’ll actually be able to put up a decent fight and not feel like you were so easily steamrolled.

Again Plaff needs a serious nerf. I suggest making him louder while sneaking and putting a lower cap on his lightning strike and aftershock damage. With those nerfs, I think Plaff would be more fun to fight against because right now, he just feels broken to play against. I’d love to hear more suggestions on how we could potentially nerf him to help balance fights against him. And don’t tell me “you suck, l2p” because I know he is broken and I’ve heard similar complaints from my team.


You might get your wish. There is a decent to good chance MaddCow will have access to Evolve on the PS4 in the near future :smiley: MUAHAHAHAHA




More often I play with Plaff rather than against him.
That being said, I can confirm he is a gamebreaking problem and it’s disgusting the devs haven’t addressed this issue yet.


@Plaff gets all of his power from the Illuminati.
@Plaff confirmed 7th monster.


maybe after the cc changes to kraken it will feel better lol.

that being said. he was a monster before the patch …so NERF PLAFF.

I havent hunted him in awhile. he always invites me and i never join. dunno why either. maybe me and my brother will take him on. bucket laz FTW


I’m up for the challenge ;). No doubt I’ll be picking cow meat from my teeth in the near future :kraken_stare:


Heh :slight_smile: I might play a few games with you guys, but I’m mostly going to be there for using Observer mode and Coaching with Cow. Also means I don’t have to rebuy all the skins/DLC for another system.


We’ve got a great little core group of players going so by all means feel free to join us, have you already got a copy for PS4?


This won’t nerf Plaff


Do you have ps4 you must join us.


No. There might be something down the road that might help out with that, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet. I do have a PS4 and while I’ve owned it for a year and a half, I don’t own any games because the games I wanted for it haven’t come out yet :stuck_out_tongue: I’m testing out a game capture card tonight with Final Fantasy XV Demo + Type-0. I know that I get a few questions about coaching on the consoles. I already owned the PS4 so it ‘should’ be an easy switch. However, I don’t own an XBone and… well… I’m not the biggest fan of that company so we’ll see what happens on that front. I do get quite a few requests regarding that console though.


I was in a game when we decided to camp the relay and @Plaff was trapper
we all noticed him alone on the other side of the map pinged the monster and domed him. took out 2 full bars of health while it was evolving. we all show up and it runs away with half health. then we we roast marshmallows celebrating our future victory.


I can help out and shareplay for you if you want so you can start coaching some PS4 players a little earlier? I recently just got a new router and my internet’s been so much better, and I know yours is meant to be amazing so the connection should be pretty decent. My PSN’s Plaff_ if you’d like to add me and maybe we could give it a test run?


I’d like couching with the cow ;3


Maybe. My PS4 has literally been collecting dust next to my computer setup. I’m going to be updating and fixing all the streaming and work out all the kinks before I start with that. Good to know about using Shareplay. I’m going to do a bit more digging about how Shareplay works etc… and let you know, appreciate the offer :smile:

Community Coaching on the Coach with Cow :smiley: But yes, I look forward to opening up the PS4 playbase with coaching sessions.


I’m looking forward to seeing how the devs plan on changing Kraken, with him being my favourite Monster. I know Banshee Mines will be getting an arm time and he’s gonna be easier to control, but I feel like there might be some other little tweaks here and there.


I find @plaff unfair an unbalanced an makes me salty. He really ruffles my jimmies, never have i seen such a slippery monster player before. He’s damn near not catch able, if this isn’t nerfed I’m selling my game, ps4 soul and body because im sick of it. Fix this now.


No your talking @Quirkly
@Plaff is an unplayable monster that plays as itself and starts on stage 4and ends at stage 7 (if you live that long)


I would love to see Aftershock Damage reduced, but it pulls you in while casting and then knocks you back when it hits. So anyone in your sphere when it starts essentially gets pulled into you. (You could jetpack out but at a good jetpack cost) However, the really changes the ability in general. Still… I can always dream :smiley: