Devs, I really want to know the statistics of Waggie


I rarely see Waggie being picked, but when I see one, I always lose as hunter. So is she statistically fine?


@mizx Got stats? :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way, I guess not but does her damage stat at the end implies fire dot as well?


They said a while ago that the endscreen damage score doesn’t include the dot damage. Don’t think they’ve fixed it since then.


:sob:without perks i can confirm 5 dps on the bullet and a horrible 3 dmg on DOT… very worst


I hope they end up buffing her. She’s received so many nerfs I feel like at this point Maggie does more damage lol


I think they mean like player stats or how well Waggie plays in Evolve. Like how many Matches she has won :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want stats stats I can give you those


Yikes I didn’t know her damage was that shit. Why does she exist again?


If there was not 10x event i would never level her above 10 levels


her dmg is worse cc too,even after all maggie nerfs
[now maggie have just 50% dps she had 5 patches ago]


Definitely is shit damage but it all adds up after a while


@ArmstrongHouston Those stats aren’t fully correct, for a start her burst pistol DPS is 14. I believe that the Flame Harpoon is 28 DPS and that Daisy is the same.


Yea, Waggie’s stuff I have is a month old, but I don’t know


Waggie has been nerf and forgotten… I did level it to elite for the event just to make sure I won’t need to pick her until there is a decent buff to her again… shooting the gun is like tickling the monster…


yes I mean win rate, pick rate, stuffs like that


Exactly :slight_smile:


Had this match where apparently we did good.
But the end results show that I did almost to no damage on the fight.

just like 3000 in total or something like that
probably a miss representation, but still down spiriting


Her display doesn’t show the dot damage, which is what makes her strong. So we really have no idea what she’s actually doing.


It was stated several times that these numbers don’t count the DoT… It sucks but it’s obvious that is a lot of the damage you do as waggie that isn’t counted up.

P.S. No offence but in this video you are playing the trapper but I think your teammates did a better job tracking than you… You wouldn’t catch a decent monster till stage 3 with that play. So I think this isn’t of any relevance how does waggie perform but I agree that the numbers at the end are a disapointment since you were shooting him most of the time while in dome.


oh no… my feelings destroy by the power of a simple comment, what a world what a world…

joke a side, of course, Im not the great, my win rates go just above 50 to at best 70%, and I play Pubs, which some times have really good teams, other times they are not great, and some times im the weakest link that ruin the match.

I was probaly just trying to spread our search points, so the monster had less chancess of walking around us and taking other route.

and any way, even If I suck at searching, I just put the it because the damage at the end
but fine, my comment isnt worth it then.

Thats why I usually dont complain about stuff being overpower or under power, because I mostly blame myself for not knowing how to fight it.

except maybe the actual state of Wraith, the poor sexy girl have a hard time surviving, because as far as I know, Hi level play put wraith low tier.


Damn,she could do 5x damage and i still would never pick her