Devs: EVOLVE modding for PC?


What are the chances you will add modding/steam workshop to this game?


None. Sorry, but they don’t own the engine.


Won’t happen.


Won´t happen.
SHOULD happen… we had our third patch by now :stuck_out_tongue:


Really guys? Did the developers say: “Nope, sorry that’s not gonna happen”?

…No they didn’t.

They told us that they do not own the engine and that they would have to talk with Crytek about it (If I remember correctly anyway).

It’s a dialogue that hasn’t happened yet as far as I’m aware.


So yeah, It’s a possibility… but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.


yeah… not with xbone in the boat. As the driver.


Xbox or PS4 don’t matter in this case. You couldn’t make mods for Source games on the consoles neither, but that didn’t mean it stopped the PC platform. TRS themselves said that they want the game to be mod friendly… Of course, there’s still the whole Cryengine issue they have to deal with.


What Ryaneko is saying is that Mircosoft has an exclusivity deal with them and they wouldn’t allow for content to be developed for another platform that wouldn’t be compatible with Xbone. If PC received this ability it would take away sales from Microsoft and negate the point of contract between them.

Also, poor taste on TRS part for pairing with Xbone for exclusivity.


they said that it will be MAYBE added alter into the game


Modding would really strengthen the interest in the game, though. Right? And interest/the playerbase seems to be lowest on PC, so this seems kind of fitting.


No modding, ever. It’s evil apparently. :wink:


@SlabOMeat could you tell us if modding is totally out of the question?


The problem with modding is that you can modify the game’s balance.

Take a simple test : When a monster picks the gold skin, you see him much easier yup ? I know, that’s the point to show off your bling bling duh.

BUT, if you allow the modding, then you can change the color of the monsters to make them a lot more noticable, like a bright green/red/blue color, something that jumps to the eye, completely negating the stealth playstyle.

So in a way, if modding is allowed, there has to be restrictions about it, and controlling everything would be really hard, probably too much work for the dev team to handle on top of further updates (which already are much waited atm)

But I really would like some custom maps made with the Cryengine, customed and restricted to match Evolve’s theme.


Thats not nodding works


Well then I understood it as modding as in Counter-strike Source and its fancy skins, or the same you can see in the Workshop for L4D for instance, what kind of mod are we talking about then ? Just custom match rules or something ?


What kind of mod are you talking about? Skins, models, sounds?
Why you should pay for a skin when there is free modding (workshop etc.) ?


As far as I have read its all about licensing and the fact that they have heavily modified the game engine to suit there own needs. The licensing could be to do with the cryengine and/or Microsoft, we don’t know the contractual agreements with Microsoft, they may have no other obligations to them over and above the free content release schedule. Only 2K/TRS know for sure.

They did say its a possibility and if they do allow it at some point I don’t think it happen until long after the current announced DLC is released. It also begs the question of what they will allow to be modded, maybe just maps, modes and skins but to be able play on a modded server or use the skins they would also probably have to introduce a different lobby where you play modded servers only. If they did allow monsters or hunters to be made it could impact on future DLC plans, if they allow changes to existing hunters/monsters in various ways it would also probably need to be devoid from allowing any achievements or character progress for obvious reasons.

I would mods to be a reality it could breathe so much extra life into the game for PC players but I think if it does happen its a long way down the line right now.


I doubt you would be allowed to make Monsters or Hunters.

I’m thinking the most you could make is cosmetic & re-skins. They can do what Valve does with CSGO and TF2.

Which is they monitor which skins and cosmetics are the most popular on the steam workshop and then release them officially into the game.

It would also make community contest a lot more interesting.

As for custom maps? That would only work if you had a server browser and I don’t think there are any plans for that.



happy modding my young padawans


But does that mean we can mod this game? I thought it had heavy modifications to the code?