Devs, cross platforming?


Just figured I should ask you Devs if cross platforming was ever considered?


( would be terrible for the community, PC owning the consoles :slight_smile: )


It’s a harmless question, don’t you give me that. And I fail to see how it would be ‘TERRIBLE’ for the community.


Has any game ever done it?


I think Shadowrun on the 360 and PC did it. I had that game for a while though, I could easily tell who the PC players were!


Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Lost Planet: Colonies
Phantasy Star Online
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Final Fantasy XI Online
Universe at War: Earth Assault
Game Room
Portal 2
Dust 514 with Eve Online
Hero Academy


Wait, Team Fortress 2? No, I don’t think cross-platforming ever happened with that one!


Well we hall ignore that one then, I haven’t checked updates on it in a while.


Were these Xbox and PS?


Most were pc to consoleas far as I am aware


I can see PC and Xbox, cause that’s both Microsoft. I would be surprised if any were cross console.


Portal 2 is the one I had the most experience with, which was ps3 to pc


When the steambox comes out this can change a LOT.

Praise Gabe.


It’s not common, the latest game I heard that had cross plataform play was Guilty Gear Xrd. They are gonna cross PS3+PS4+PC. no Xbox for obvious reasons.


Oh really?


If you can explain further (for the idiots like myself in the audience)


Well steam gave the option to a lot of companies to make a steambox, this will connect to steam. So it’s a ‘console’ that is connected with a huge PC community :slight_smile:


Hm, interesting concept


Which would beeeeeeeee? :wink:


Yes, tell us.