Devs, Can we get a hint of future changes please?


I just can’t wait and so far I love the game but we all know it needs some minor changes, so, can we know what is getting change? You don’t have to post details, just mention what are you guys working on, for example " blank character is getting improved, blank bug it’s getting fix" I just wanna know how things are going and I know you guys are working your butt off and I really admire that, so keep doing your awesome work.


Hints have been given away, use the Dev Tracker at the top to see what the devs are posting. :slight_smile:


Oh wow didn’t saw that! Thank you!


:wink: no problem


they will buff bucket.

still wont play with him tho


After I Elite Caira, I’m going after the Bucket. Love that guy.


They will? 0_0 i’m actually happy about that, but can you tell me where or from who did you hear this?


yeah atleast they are thinking about it one of the dev’s told sacriel that they are thinking about buffing the turrets dmg for 25% more dmg


medic 4 in testing

behemoth in testing